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Misc Howtos

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Download & save animated wallpapers from E-17-Stuff.org

by harleyrider1958
2,653407/09/2017 11:35AM
Last Post by intrepidswrath

Can't run Trine, libglade-WARNING

by bohnor
2,465104/17/2011 03:06AM
Last Post by bohnor

Remastering Elive (scripts)

by gplgeek
4,331510/09/2010 09:04AM
Last Post by she_died

Packages (installing software)

by CHO
3,527207/20/2010 12:58AM
Last Post by Jaqui

Gadget Forecast setup

by anu
2,959111/15/2009 04:31AM
Last Post by anu

Howto use International English Keyboard

by rabe
4,337309/05/2009 12:02AM
Last Post by she_died

How can I back up software I have dl'd off synaptic?

by arts216
2,623207/08/2009 06:52AM
Last Post by klamath

How to move ElPanel (GEM / 1.0)

by LoL
2,915111/14/2008 05:25PM
Last Post by LoL

Translate to Arabic

by zak
2,794211/01/2008 05:33PM
Last Post by atphalix

How to...use a get-E.org background with Elive Gem

by phoenix
5,364607/28/2008 03:02PM
Last Post by tbma

Auto Starting Programs

by werner
3,088103/11/2008 10:46AM
Last Post by werner

install from .iso no CD-ROM drive needed

by john_spiral
4,673112/13/2007 02:55PM
Last Post by john_spiral

view ip address/settings

by TravMan63
3,359212/07/2007 08:27AM
Last Post by PrinceAMD

Youtube Howto

by Thanatermesis
3,924210/20/2007 02:23AM
Last Post by christy

Backporting Packages In Detail

by gplgeek
3,999110/09/2007 04:30PM
Last Post by gplgeek

HOWTO: Getting more recent packages on Elive, such as OpenOffice 2.2 etc

by jonah
5,277709/27/2007 07:33AM
Last Post by jonah

How to - install 'other' themes (e16)

by TravMan63
9,204409/23/2007 03:00PM
Last Post by nomad

Howto thumbnail videos in thunar

by PrinceAMD
8,370109/11/2007 12:58PM
Last Post by PrinceAMD

Security Freak? Encrypt folders or /home !

by gplgeek
3,568108/24/2007 09:47AM
Last Post by gplgeek