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How to delete cookies from a mac?

by suxia
3,875305/13/2016 02:55PM
Last Post by ciya

Macpro late 2014 not able to boot

by josevaldivia
1,138109/03/2015 12:45PM
Last Post by josevaldivia

MacBook Core 2 Duo White

by MacTrappa
2,897202/06/2011 04:59PM
Last Post by ripperSK

How to Erase Software for Mac?

by suxia
2,361111/11/2010 02:40PM
Last Post by suxia

elive 2.0 works except it doesn't pick up all hardware

by mangolassi
2,805104/09/2010 02:25PM
Last Post by mangolassi

elive installed but not here... elive installé mais pas là...

by monfraide
2,691101/01/2010 10:20PM
Last Post by monfraide

Kernel panic stopps booting after "fine tuning"

by benfm
3,725408/07/2009 09:26PM
Last Post by phoenix

Going to install on my MacBook Pro V3 (Nvidia) tonight

by liquidspikes
4,792706/18/2009 04:47AM
Last Post by uxepi

installed on a macbook black 4.1

by Baddablaiyke
3,424105/25/2009 11:22AM
Last Post by Baddablaiyke

Elive ready for Macbook 5,1 ?

by gfern
3,465204/20/2009 01:58AM
Last Post by rideabike

elive on iMac ?

by dax
3,216502/17/2009 11:16PM
Last Post by dylaw

Working fglrx dual screen configuration, with different resolutions

by 3.14r
3,843102/16/2009 04:33PM
Last Post by 3.14r

Macbook Pro desire...

by gaou67
4,271501/25/2009 08:50AM
Last Post by uxepi

2.2 ghz intel core2duo MBpro

by uxepi
2,903201/25/2009 08:47AM
Last Post by uxepi

error on boot: applesmc

by wette
4,128212/21/2008 05:54AM
Last Post by Burnie


by azulito
3,276112/19/2008 08:31AM
Last Post by azulito

no boot after install

by alban
3,239411/29/2008 05:15PM
Last Post by himar_99

wep support?

by MacUser
5,0991311/26/2008 09:37AM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

Macbook Santa Rosa

by Burnie
3,036311/24/2008 11:33PM
Last Post by Burnie

Trying out Elive Macbook Pro on a previous generation Macbook Pro

by Drewkman
3,033110/18/2008 08:08AM
Last Post by Drewkman

Macbook development Elive - error booting from CD

by Drewkman
3,277110/18/2008 08:03AM
Last Post by Drewkman

Elive on the iBook G4?

by sweeney276
3,108110/18/2008 12:45AM
Last Post by sweeney276

Elive install proc?

by JawsThemeSwimming428
3,950104/10/2008 11:04AM
Last Post by JawsThemeSwimming428

Original 1.83 core duo.

by chuckallison
3,362103/30/2008 08:56AM
Last Post by chuckallison

Macbook Santa Rosa

by Charles
4,938503/04/2008 04:47AM
Last Post by Charles

Feedback of a test on MacBook black first generation

by theClimber
3,340203/04/2008 01:38AM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

Install on disk - Triple Boot - MB 13.3 Black - old ver

by shaice
3,547102/11/2008 07:57PM
Last Post by shaice

b14 ... Kernel Panic ...

by Elmar
2,841312/17/2007 10:36PM
Last Post by Elmar

Kernel Panic

by g33kgrrl
3,889412/16/2007 10:12PM
Last Post by Sacra


by eiichi
3,091611/25/2007 07:46PM
Last Post by valext

is normal that elive for macbook doesn't work in a macbook?

by Eki
4,9741211/16/2007 04:15AM
Last Post by coyote_dred

b12 no boot ...

by Elmar
3,255111/11/2007 05:39AM
Last Post by Elmar


by Elmar
4,074110/22/2007 09:29PM
Last Post by Elmar

first time startup script makes my system kernel panic on reboot

by James_Ward
2,894310/17/2007 12:54AM
Last Post by Elmar

b9 comments and fixes

by sean
3,905310/16/2007 12:33PM
Last Post by sean

no boot

by MacUser
3,883310/01/2007 09:44PM
Last Post by MacUser

Bluetooth mouse

by loki1989
2,608210/01/2007 08:34PM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

Thanks from Italian AppleEye Community

by sev7en
2,750310/01/2007 08:31PM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

New test with b9

by Bazou
2,656210/01/2007 08:28PM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

Volume button question... *resolved*

by g33kgrrl
2,777510/01/2007 05:08PM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

32 or 64 bit?

by sean
5,028410/01/2007 05:05PM
Last Post by Thanatermesis


by himar_99
3,082209/30/2007 06:40AM
Last Post by phoenix

trouble installing other WMs

by MacUser
2,620309/29/2007 05:05AM
Last Post by MacUser

Mouse sensitiveness

by Thanatermesis
2,842309/04/2007 04:48AM
Last Post by g33kgrrl

Triple boot osx,elive,windows

by philip741
3,433308/24/2007 06:21AM
Last Post by philip741

No GRUB no boot

6,707908/22/2007 09:05PM
Last Post by roxville

Macbook Experience So Far...

by squidbass
3,225208/22/2007 08:54PM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

Macbook version under parallels

by cybermarcel
3,154208/22/2007 08:21PM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

Macbook backup

by H_Temple
5,765308/15/2007 07:01PM
Last Post by H_Temple

Error with Grub

by Magnet
3,374108/08/2007 05:40AM
Last Post by Magnet