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Other Suggestions

Things YOU think should be added or removed from future Elive releases. 
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This is a gripe-list not a wish-list

by bryanstein
4,5002602/10/2018 11:34PM
Last Post by Yop

This is a wish-list not a gripe-list

by bryanstein
5,1703510/29/2011 08:32PM
Last Post by bohnor

Debian 7.x End of life ? New kernel and 64 bits ?

by jfb
40307/05/2018 09:39PM
Last Post by zbd

Make is more simple to try it ? Forums tool more modern ?

by jfb
46206/24/2018 11:36PM
Last Post by jfb

Opera Browser

by Benny
3,1681605/30/2018 06:15PM
Last Post by soniaspring

Hey how does one become a mirror?

by netguy
145305/07/2018 07:15AM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

Can provide a clean version?

by charlotte
1,113104/10/2015 05:16PM
Last Post by charlotte

Suggestion for Elive Website

2,422312/29/2014 12:46PM
Last Post by nawaz

Pidgin by defaul

by babel
2,772503/15/2013 08:36PM
Last Post by lucycandy

Elive from usb-stick with persistence

by gs
1,776101/29/2013 06:43PM
Last Post by gs

Keep It Large

by down8ve
1,474101/20/2013 09:03PM
Last Post by down8ve

Open Office and Pidgin

by chronos0
1,984207/08/2012 01:08PM
Last Post by ruchi

ASUS Ultra Book

by cbhattarai
1,799105/22/2012 08:06PM
Last Post by cbhattarai

New Funding method suggestion

by michaeljking
1,900502/16/2012 02:07PM
Last Post by jerry0503214

Elive or Bodhi,which is better

by tuobafeng2009
3,433102/03/2012 11:27AM
Last Post by tuobafeng2009

Any mods want to use their ban hammer?

by wirelessjunkie
1,744309/25/2011 08:07PM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

Tablet/stylus/GUI keyboard app

by she_died
4,106101/24/2011 11:09PM
Last Post by she_died

The ~200 Line Linux Kernel Patch That Does Wonders & speeds desktop alot

by anu
2,146112/22/2010 06:42PM
Last Post by anu


by ibux
2,065112/19/2010 04:26AM
Last Post by ibux

64 bit eLive

by Kanji_Man
6,0781712/16/2010 11:17PM
Last Post by Unending_Sorrow

A Better Clock

by LoL
3,6731112/01/2010 11:43PM
Last Post by brawsky

Any News?

by down8ve
2,111211/06/2010 05:12AM
Last Post by Agust

The next best thing to cplay/mpd/moc wishlist

by she_died
2,510109/08/2010 02:45AM
Last Post by she_died

VT will not respawn when you log out

by she_died
2,246308/17/2010 06:26PM
Last Post by she_died


by hantik
4,580907/19/2010 10:01AM
Last Post by Jaqui

The ONLY Thing I Have Against Elive

by down8ve
2,487105/25/2010 08:26AM
Last Post by down8ve

Certain Apps

by down8ve
2,252105/23/2010 11:22PM
Last Post by down8ve

Why Does Elive had Open Office 2.4 Instead of the Latest?

by wmichaelb
3,747603/10/2010 11:10PM
Last Post by DronAn

Zeitgeist- a few suggestions

by down8ve
3,326503/10/2010 07:53PM
Last Post by down8ve

ID card reader

by Sarah
2,422402/18/2010 10:10PM
Last Post by Sarah


by rudikuin
2,969202/15/2010 05:12PM
Last Post by Lork Scorguar

Nvidia/Ati drivers custom installation

by archwndas
3,036202/15/2010 05:08PM
Last Post by Lork Scorguar

add Entrance on both monitor and tv, cause now i just cant login to tv

by anu
2,602202/13/2010 07:01PM
Last Post by she_died

Higher/auto default E17 framerate.

by Dany0
3,130102/12/2010 11:44PM
Last Post by Dany0

Allow the Addition of Partitions Without Formatting

by LaneLester
2,363101/26/2010 09:35AM
Last Post by LaneLester

Finger Touch easy access / touch screen

by conny
2,816112/28/2009 07:59AM
Last Post by conny

Grammar (let me help!)

by BigBubbaX
2,544112/12/2009 03:14AM
Last Post by BigBubbaX

installer suggestion

by chris200x9
2,481312/12/2009 03:04AM
Last Post by BigBubbaX

cairo-compmgr over xcompmgr+transset

by anu
2,699112/08/2009 06:37PM
Last Post by anu

xmms to play music?

by babel
2,785911/30/2009 07:22AM
Last Post by napi

About the hard disk installation, following a donation.

by guilleusse
2,547111/23/2009 12:26PM
Last Post by guilleusse

elive 1.9.51 installer should offer to install grub NOT in mbr...

by jtwdyp
2,791211/19/2009 09:25PM
Last Post by stanca

[Solved] Iceweasel or Firefox ?

by Multiuser
2,581511/16/2009 09:40AM
Last Post by Multiuser

Making this a top ten distro

by eliveuser
2,574110/26/2009 05:13AM
Last Post by eliveuser

get a nicer logo :)

by eliveuser
2,567110/26/2009 05:07AM
Last Post by eliveuser


by gs
2,565410/07/2009 10:32PM
Last Post by stanca

It must be compared with Ubuntu

by svgt
3,336910/07/2009 04:18AM
Last Post by leanmoha

Will Elive ever see PAE feature included in the Kernel?

by leanmoha
2,444110/05/2009 10:38AM
Last Post by leanmoha

task selection on a bar

by Tristano
2,646509/25/2009 12:17AM
Last Post by kiodu

audacious, xmms2, or mpd instead of xmms?

by jxn
5,049409/24/2009 12:17AM
Last Post by anu

My EliveCD Wish List

by leanmoha
2,436209/15/2009 04:18AM
Last Post by down8ve

Could Elive have Up-to-date Apps?

by down8ve
2,462509/14/2009 02:39AM
Last Post by leanmoha

Eterm desktop console error

by ApNow
2,238209/03/2009 03:10AM
Last Post by stanca

App Description info on Side

by down8ve
2,511108/23/2009 10:55PM
Last Post by down8ve

Installer improvements

by Torllan
2,599108/16/2009 10:55PM
Last Post by Torllan

realtime kernel

by awolters
2,832307/19/2009 01:35AM
Last Post by olivier

A better installer

by Digger
2,694307/11/2009 10:41AM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

features that would be nice to have

by assasukasse
3,187307/11/2009 10:35AM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

toshiba fnx keys enable from kernel

by zen_tral
2,571207/11/2009 10:33AM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

when is it going to be released?

by andyc7454
2,612407/11/2009 10:29AM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

ecomorph in Elive ?

by phoenix
3,228207/11/2009 10:28AM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

soundjuicer in place of grip

by awolters
2,402207/11/2009 10:25AM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

Quake like terminal

by xandorv
3,124307/11/2009 10:24AM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

Changing backgrond

by florante
2,605307/11/2009 10:15AM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

Nice and stable documentation side

by Benny
2,593207/11/2009 10:13AM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

Few requests

by brute
2,480207/11/2009 10:12AM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

Thunar feature

by babel
2,605207/11/2009 10:03AM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

Desktop manager

by babel
2,735407/11/2009 09:59AM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

Scite replacement

by rah
3,979607/11/2009 09:41AM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

HPLIP version 3.9.6b

by down8ve
2,749106/26/2009 01:15AM
Last Post by down8ve

OpenOffice.Org 3.0

by Dinan3
3,087406/21/2009 07:45PM
Last Post by down8ve

A wallpaper manager

by babel
2,794406/18/2009 05:27AM
Last Post by duhclown


by duhclown
3,191106/18/2009 04:56AM
Last Post by duhclown

Search function

by LoL
2,454806/18/2009 04:06AM
Last Post by duhclown

Auto Upgrade Iceweasel/Firefox to the latest Version!

by FreeEagle
3,396205/19/2009 06:09PM
Last Post by rindi

Kdenlive, other KDE4 apps

by down8ve
2,374204/23/2009 07:38PM
Last Post by FreeEagle


by eevans616
2,624103/24/2009 02:49AM
Last Post by eevans616

Lite version

by exavi
2,522303/11/2009 08:54PM
Last Post by smirnoff

Support for Broadcom Wireless bcmwl5

by smirnoff
2,770103/11/2009 08:45PM
Last Post by smirnoff


by morpheus21
3,187102/20/2009 01:05PM
Last Post by morpheus21

3 SIMPLE things

by davidfon
2,436102/09/2009 09:56AM
Last Post by davidfon

ability to move gadgets after adding them to a shelf

by illinipo
2,325202/09/2009 06:19AM
Last Post by phastafrican

comeon guys how long is this going to take?For stable version

by andyc7454
2,465302/01/2009 08:19PM
Last Post by meborc

Add Support for Broadcome 802.11g WLAN

by FreeEagle
2,563312/23/2008 03:29PM
Last Post by abojkova

Context Sensitive Help

by LoL
2,499111/14/2008 10:53AM
Last Post by LoL

ElPanel to revert to the previous stage, not the start

by LoL
2,644111/14/2008 09:50AM
Last Post by LoL

Appreciating Elive

by kwakye77
2,221308/21/2008 05:13PM
Last Post by Intarissable

wicd for wireless connection

by maceiras
2,778105/17/2008 07:01PM
Last Post by maceiras

Driver upgrade

by vich
2,704105/09/2008 04:53AM
Last Post by vich

some easy or obvious way to do software package updates/upgrades

by jxn
2,390204/28/2008 07:06PM
Last Post by phoenix

removal of e16 from elpanel

by jxn
2,708104/23/2008 01:41AM
Last Post by jxn

encryption, security

by hendrick
2,546202/14/2008 04:28PM
Last Post by seespatz

Gnome- Network Manager - VPNC

by FreeEagle
2,435201/07/2008 10:34PM
Last Post by phoenix

LiVES Video Editing Programme!

by FreeEagle
2,827101/07/2008 09:16PM
Last Post by FreeEagle

itask-ng and localization

by erdem
2,751101/03/2008 07:48AM
Last Post by erdem

nvidia 8600gt 3d don't work

by mika2008
2,740112/17/2007 11:03PM
Last Post by mika2008

Limewire ???

by Benny
2,303312/06/2007 04:24AM
Last Post by Benny


by TravMan63
2,877112/03/2007 10:15AM
Last Post by TravMan63

VLC Player!

by FreeEagle
3,188412/03/2007 10:08AM
Last Post by TravMan63

Source Code Disks

by Antmanx22
2,879112/03/2007 01:58AM
Last Post by Antmanx22

Ifplugd for noobs

by ddomains
2,853110/25/2007 01:18PM
Last Post by ddomains

Thunar - unmount drive

by rah
2,576210/15/2007 03:44AM
Last Post by babel