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Laptop Howtos

Howtos for specific laptops 
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(Solved!) Moniter Extension

by Nnarcosis130syc
2,938811/10/2011 11:32PM
Last Post by tuxero

(Solved!) How to Install in Asus EeePC 900

by Porris
2,976303/10/2010 08:31AM
Last Post by DronAn

(Solved!) How to install Beryl?

by adry_gomez
3,044301/31/2009 02:25AM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

(Solved!) Configuring your synaptics touchpad

by rebbi
3,520310/07/2007 11:53AM
Last Post by az_s_za

Installing Elive on ASUS X205TA - GNU GRUB command line mode

by erda
561111/19/2016 10:53PM
Last Post by erda

Acer Aspire One black screen

by VikFx
875102/25/2015 06:36PM
Last Post by VikFx

Choose between HP, Asus or Sony

by PlanetMyHero
1,263105/27/2013 06:26PM
Last Post by PlanetMyHero

how to share files between computers

by cbhattarai
1,468212/06/2012 04:32PM
Last Post by siyuan

Resolution Problem

by tete2112
1,370109/19/2012 12:55PM
Last Post by tete2112

Configuring power management settings

by Akai_oni
2,933307/11/2012 06:12PM
Last Post by powerjack00

Laptop Volume keys~

by ssidhar
2,547407/11/2012 05:56PM
Last Post by powerjack00

Installing Elive with CD drive not bootable

by jshlayen
3,279204/30/2012 09:06PM
Last Post by lizz

Screen dim dv6768se

by ravenblackdove
2,928207/19/2010 04:52PM
Last Post by Jaqui

Storage expansion slot AAO

by rudikuin
2,737303/11/2010 10:10PM
Last Post by Ruud

Asus w90vp-A1

by Ferrsai
2,887206/08/2009 06:53PM
Last Post by AlexAnteMachina

Inspiron Mini 9

by icewalkers59
3,197103/27/2009 06:20AM
Last Post by icewalkers59

Gateway M-1617 and Elive

by Killz-from-the-Hillz
4,452105/07/2008 09:52AM
Last Post by Killz-from-the-Hillz

Acer Aspire 7520

by Buzzard01
3,360104/17/2008 03:35AM
Last Post by Buzzard01


by conny
6,711411/25/2007 07:48PM
Last Post by valext

Install booting from HD, wireless, synaptics

by Janus
3,995211/19/2007 05:00AM
Last Post by CoolkcaH