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Good Experiencies

Put here your nice comments about Elive 
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Great job on a distro I can be excited about using.

by 0g1958
406405/29/2018 10:49PM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

eLive review

by sinbsd
4,158605/29/2018 10:40PM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

Lovely DIstro on my Notebook

by doctroya
1,622305/29/2018 10:39PM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

Wow Really nice

by Lludw
2,216405/29/2018 10:39PM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

Just GNU/Linux or GNU/Linux+art work?

by Pela
1,816205/20/2018 04:40PM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

Elive is SEXY!

by netguy
150205/20/2018 04:06PM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

Sooo Nice !

by Paolinux
772109/17/2015 11:36PM
Last Post by Paolinux

elive a different style os

by benson
805108/07/2015 02:30AM
Last Post by benson


by norna
823104/25/2015 08:04AM
Last Post by norna

Reaching perfection

by jimslinux
2,563203/24/2015 05:58AM
Last Post by Babblu


by rbenaia
1,099401/02/2015 09:23AM
Last Post by Agust

Where better support than in Elive ?

by svgt
2,938501/01/2015 09:10PM
Last Post by arooj

good experience

by RON
851111/18/2014 07:03PM
Last Post by RON

Torrents and Testers hot smiley

by LinuxPusher
1,001107/02/2014 09:46AM
Last Post by LinuxPusher


by Berek
1,199105/04/2013 08:56PM
Last Post by Berek

Love the OS

by SColla
1,355104/18/2013 07:50AM
Last Post by SColla

[feedback] very great distro (Be)

by Multiuser
2,668901/24/2013 07:52PM
Last Post by relgycandy

I'm Sold!

by az_s_za
2,722201/24/2013 07:47PM
Last Post by relgycandy

Elive: Resurrection

by down8ve
1,410101/15/2013 01:18PM
Last Post by down8ve

best designed distro

by bohnor
1,928110/30/2011 04:59AM
Last Post by bohnor

Elive is Unique

by wirelessjunkie
1,595106/25/2011 08:47PM
Last Post by wirelessjunkie

Distro finally free to download!?

by bassbum
2,147212/02/2010 11:21AM
Last Post by AlexAnteMachina

I was surprised that my RAlink2780 USB wifi worked

by she_died
2,103108/17/2010 11:02AM
Last Post by she_died

Thank you! :-) 1.9.52 on Compaq Evo P-IV

by tqk
1,902207/21/2010 08:15PM
Last Post by tqk

Elive on EEEpc, but not if I pay again.

by hobocaver
2,191106/30/2010 04:23PM
Last Post by hobocaver

Sometimes it is good to be wrong

by Wilbur289
1,957106/20/2010 09:34AM
Last Post by Wilbur289

great distro

by kc1di
9,296305/06/2010 05:20PM
Last Post by longinus

Amazing OS for eeePc

by chroot
2,087205/03/2010 04:05AM
Last Post by Agust

Succesfully installation of Elive Topaz with MacOS Leopard and Ubuntu Jaunty in a MacBook4,1 White

by maceiras
2,246104/02/2010 03:58PM
Last Post by maceiras

I like Elive now a question...

by Jeff91
2,372203/26/2010 09:28AM
Last Post by stanca

successful install on HP compaq nx6125

by martinwprior
1,935303/23/2010 06:39AM
Last Post by martinwprior

Works great with my EeePC 900

by Porris
2,083103/20/2010 03:34PM
Last Post by Porris

I LOVE eLive, but... I simply don't have any money.

by BigBubbaX
2,478103/11/2010 05:18PM
Last Post by BigBubbaX

Very Nice on my Presario 2170us laptop

by ElEdwards
1,973103/08/2010 06:42AM
Last Post by ElEdwards

Elive Topaz on an Acer Aspire One

by Ruud
2,513103/08/2010 12:03AM
Last Post by Ruud

eLive on the Acer Aspire Revo

by markd0618
2,266101/24/2010 11:06AM
Last Post by markd0618

This is an amazing Distro

by secher
2,178312/01/2009 05:27AM
Last Post by Mardon

nice distro

by wvmac3
2,291211/16/2009 07:03PM
Last Post by esturiano

Good news again!

by stanca
2,290210/23/2009 03:08PM
Last Post by Agust

My true late appreciations to Thanatermesis(aka Samuel F. Baggen)!

by stanca
2,906510/07/2009 05:46AM
Last Post by stanca

new version

by ibmorjamn
2,544610/04/2009 10:22PM
Last Post by Thanatermesis


by LoL
2,375210/04/2009 10:19PM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

vs. openSuse

by down8ve
2,479109/04/2009 04:13AM
Last Post by down8ve

Functional, beautiful, wow!

by Hawklad
2,385108/29/2009 07:20AM
Last Post by Hawklad

Got it Going well, 1.9.40

by down8ve
2,268108/22/2009 12:17PM
Last Post by down8ve

Great Distro!!!!

by joe101
3,8961307/10/2009 10:40AM
Last Post by DronAn

here come a new challenger!!

by overlo
3,3351106/21/2009 10:37AM
Last Post by stanca

subforo de elive en español

by ivanovichnco
4,179905/19/2009 01:47AM
Last Post by Agust

Digg Elive

by bochiman
2,358105/19/2009 01:40AM
Last Post by bochiman

Beautiful, nice and practical

by trezel
2,502103/31/2009 03:04PM
Last Post by trezel

Absolutely beautiful...

by jellmoo
2,425103/27/2009 08:30AM
Last Post by jellmoo

Great on eee PC 901

by dustymnt
2,540102/25/2009 06:08AM
Last Post by dustymnt

Elive + Compiz

by Dyzajash
2,391202/21/2009 06:13PM
Last Post by Mayor Mente

Quite darn good!

by joe74
2,393102/20/2009 06:19PM
Last Post by joe74

install comments

by calypso
2,471102/12/2009 09:08PM
Last Post by calypso

Menus work fine!

by Kol
2,363102/06/2009 04:02PM
Last Post by Kol

Wowww!! Elive+Compiz

by Agust
2,694402/01/2009 12:36AM
Last Post by Agust


by edu83
2,173201/31/2009 03:11PM
Last Post by decozart

Working great

by Clinton
2,329111/29/2008 09:53AM
Last Post by Clinton

my favorite disto so far

by tjwoosta
3,287111/24/2008 03:55PM
Last Post by tjwoosta


by mikeat10500
2,459111/07/2008 03:14PM
Last Post by mikeat10500

wow... this is awesome

by stinger30
2,559108/11/2008 05:06AM
Last Post by stinger30

You know what ? I think i felt in love with Elive too!

by anu
2,613107/04/2008 10:20AM
Last Post by anu

Elive runs in a AMD K6-II !!!

by maceiras
2,487207/04/2008 10:12AM
Last Post by anu

The Most Elegant distro I ever used

by the_leander
2,692105/18/2008 02:24PM
Last Post by the_leander

My webcam is OK

by brofio
2,234205/11/2008 04:57AM
Last Post by trojan

Thank you!

by jxn
2,286204/23/2008 10:41AM
Last Post by jxn

Elive 1.6 development

by fossiili
2,653103/15/2008 11:51AM
Last Post by fossiili

new user

by Elio
2,122201/27/2008 11:39PM
Last Post by paxlex

Old IBM A21e

by paxlex
2,412101/26/2008 06:49AM
Last Post by paxlex
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Elive by post

by kimo127
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by dammitjim
2,101201/03/2008 03:40PM
Last Post by erdem

I love it

by martinwprior
2,754101/02/2008 05:21AM
Last Post by martinwprior

iceweazle with flash

by catweazle
3,003112/11/2007 09:22AM
Last Post by catweazle

Good distro

by Runaway1956
2,245211/06/2007 01:59AM
Last Post by phoenix

Thankyou !!!

by Altwan
2,614110/25/2007 11:29PM
Last Post by Altwan

Elive > all

by hxcobd
2,640110/23/2007 10:09PM
Last Post by hxcobd

Easiest linux yet!

by masterizaak
2,869110/16/2007 09:03PM
Last Post by masterizaak

My Elive Desktop

by mikeat10500
3,935110/01/2007 06:07PM
Last Post by mikeat10500

Steve getting sleepless nights?

by mistrynitesh
2,982809/19/2007 09:41PM
Last Post by ¤wasynyt¤


by Phreaky
2,826109/12/2007 12:28AM
Last Post by Phreaky

I Love Elive

by cool_penguin
3,112109/04/2007 05:45AM
Last Post by cool_penguin

Elive is simply the most beautiful OS

5,383109/03/2007 08:53AM
Last Post by RAV TUX

I love it!!!!

by cenobyte
2,548109/03/2007 03:30AM
Last Post by cenobyte