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Aspire 3100

by ryksz
2,567201/09/2015 02:53PM
Last Post by faarizamar

USB boot killed my win 7

by shawfield
1,659105/01/2012 06:50AM
Last Post by shawfield

Compiz doesn't work wih geforce mx 440

by lobisome
2,324111/25/2011 11:58PM
Last Post by lobisome

What happened to the bonus disks in 2.0

by wicus
2,164306/25/2011 01:02PM
Last Post by wirelessjunkie

Comparing to actual compiz: hotspots?

by she_died
2,754108/23/2010 05:03AM
Last Post by she_died

Good choice!

by stanca
2,734304/09/2010 10:18PM
Last Post by stanca

Configuring Ecomorph on EEEPC 701

by BigBubbaX
2,854204/06/2010 01:37PM
Last Post by bandario

Rendering method: none in compiz-check (ATI)

by illuvator
3,403103/26/2010 08:25AM
Last Post by illuvator

Compiz Music

by terry.woods
2,601201/19/2010 03:00AM
Last Post by AlexAnteMachina

Ecomorph not working with ATI

by Ahvenakala
2,872201/10/2010 09:47PM
Last Post by chdrsto

Gsetroot's transparency

by stanca
2,750211/22/2009 08:09PM
Last Post by custom papers

ecomorph died after the cube enabling

by niemcu
3,7161011/02/2009 02:29AM
Last Post by niemcu

A great surprise!!!

by Rsrocha
3,085510/28/2009 03:12PM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

Help to Configure Wired Connection (Resolved):

by zeychin
3,309110/17/2009 12:49PM
Last Post by zeychin

No animated background

by Evilly
2,936110/11/2009 03:18PM
Last Post by Evilly

New upgrade causes more problems than it fixes

by Vincente
3,050710/01/2009 09:33PM
Last Post by stanca

Ecomorph starts not on login

by Evilly
2,602309/27/2009 01:58PM
Last Post by Evilly

Graphic defects on desktop

by Evilly
4,2441709/27/2009 01:56PM
Last Post by morpheus21


by down8ve
2,898809/27/2009 01:44PM
Last Post by morpheus21

white windows problem

by Protokol
2,536209/21/2009 07:59PM
Last Post by Protokol

Some help please

by papijorge
2,351209/14/2009 03:26AM
Last Post by papijorge

download Opera 10 flush IceWeasel

by Vincente
2,747209/07/2009 01:26AM
Last Post by garwal

Very Nice

by garwal
2,883109/07/2009 01:16AM
Last Post by garwal

audio, fine tune on every boot, will not shut down

by Vincente
2,931509/03/2009 11:39AM
Last Post by Vincente

Reload: Ctrl-Alt-End is a No-Go

by down8ve
3,317108/30/2009 07:41PM
Last Post by down8ve

Desktop Grid: ctrl-alt-o

by down8ve
3,213408/22/2009 09:13PM
Last Post by down8ve


by down8ve
2,782308/21/2009 04:07AM
Last Post by stanca

Wireless not working/Resolved

by leanmoha
3,046108/03/2009 04:32AM
Last Post by leanmoha

update manager not working

by morpheus21
2,921407/31/2009 06:33AM
Last Post by Agust

Is it just me, or (latest e17-compiz build)

by nipsen
3,322406/27/2009 01:43PM
Last Post by nipsen

Wite Screen Problem

by Lludw
2,821206/26/2009 11:37PM
Last Post by stanca

Configuring Compiz

by shanrei
3,876606/21/2009 10:07PM
Last Post by Mardon

Deformation type

by jlwallen
2,670206/21/2009 02:16AM
Last Post by stanca

mostly works on my Frankenbox

by maxballydoink
3,049106/17/2009 04:04AM
Last Post by maxballydoink

default cube cap image?

by jlwallen
2,810305/25/2009 06:03AM
Last Post by jlwallen

Boot Problem?/resolved

by monkeyboy
2,882105/15/2009 04:21AM
Last Post by monkeyboy

Lock screen in compiz

by wicus
4,049305/02/2009 07:33PM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

Works on eeePC-900A

by rikd
2,837104/15/2009 05:14PM
Last Post by rikd

Works on Aspire One!

by ElonGlasb.
2,590204/12/2009 12:20AM
Last Post by ElonGlasb.


by wicus
3,027104/06/2009 01:56PM
Last Post by wicus

More plugins in compiz-fusion

by Monocromatic0
2,934104/06/2009 12:20PM
Last Post by Monocromatic0

Bonus Disks

by wicus
2,371204/04/2009 07:56PM
Last Post by wicus

Transparrency in firefox & stupid sound question!

by Jules1974
2,886104/01/2009 09:06PM
Last Post by Jules1974

Nice Review

by Mardon
2,563503/28/2009 05:52AM
Last Post by nipsen