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Just won't install.

by Dagrooved1
3,443312/21/2008 10:24PM
Last Post by ahmed

Curious about Elive

by Giga
2,523212/12/2008 10:19AM
Last Post by revdjenk

Been awhile...

by revdjenk
2,819111/30/2008 10:20AM
Last Post by revdjenk

MD5sum incorrect for 1.9.14 Development Version

by dimeboy
2,609111/08/2008 10:35PM
Last Post by dimeboy

How can I boot from USB the "Elive Linux"? and it is possible to write updates..

by gg
2,834111/03/2008 06:36PM
Last Post by gg

How to create /home on installation

by jdoutt
2,486111/01/2008 12:58AM
Last Post by jdoutt

Boot from cd, install from usb stick

by istvano
3,032110/22/2008 07:08PM
Last Post by istvano

How to pass kernel parameters

by istvano
2,838110/22/2008 06:34PM
Last Post by istvano

Trying to burn a livecd

by Jorge_MAC
2,257110/22/2008 12:21PM
Last Post by Jorge_MAC

Install question

by faktorqm
3,059510/07/2008 12:26AM
Last Post by gregb49

Saving configuration between uses

by hellsent
2,180310/03/2008 02:50PM
Last Post by Eleison

headless system

by strobes
1,806209/21/2008 09:21PM
Last Post by umarzuki

$paid for what$

by poetclown
2,152309/21/2008 09:18PM
Last Post by umarzuki

Cant start up?

by voltaqe
2,325408/23/2008 02:39AM
Last Post by ibmorjamn

Yet another topic about problem boot

by YetAnotherForcedReg
2,067107/26/2008 05:59PM
Last Post by YetAnotherForcedReg

Problem with boot

by sk.shawn
2,147507/10/2008 10:42PM
Last Post by ElonGlasb.

verify the MD5 and the signature by Elive

by sk.shawn
2,517107/10/2008 02:58PM
Last Post by sk.shawn

you want$ and the CD be used.

by K-9
1,894307/03/2008 06:14AM
Last Post by ElonGlasb.

md5 checksum

by kcb
2,605106/30/2008 11:37AM
Last Post by kcb

installation with a reader cd/dvd sata?

by eridan
1,902405/15/2008 01:09AM
Last Post by phoenix

error: vbesave --- input/output errror

by azulito
2,008205/15/2008 01:05AM
Last Post by phoenix

elive 1.6 lost broadcom wireless driver support

by syeager
2,512305/15/2008 01:00AM
Last Post by phoenix

can't enter with x server

by kernegal
2,106105/04/2008 06:04AM
Last Post by kernegal

Problem with boot

by figueroa
1,863404/25/2008 02:20PM
Last Post by figueroa

Graphic issue

by Nawaxo
1,928204/19/2008 09:41PM
Last Post by Nawaxo

Cannot start livecd

by chaosz911
2,202504/07/2008 09:05PM
Last Post by dkeithd

can't boot livecd- asks for log in

by theneilcave
2,110104/06/2008 01:07PM
Last Post by theneilcave

Find out what version of Elive I have

by intense.ego
1,873103/12/2008 07:23AM
Last Post by intense.ego

elive 1.6 and fglrx

by jtouso
1,934203/11/2008 09:38PM
Last Post by PrinceAMD

Screen resolution

by Howdy b
1,972103/06/2008 11:36PM
Last Post by Howdy b

1.5 administrator password

by syeager
2,220603/04/2008 09:22AM
Last Post by pcrhckyman

I don't find the way to install

by svgt
2,045103/03/2008 07:29AM
Last Post by svgt

How to install when having problems with x...

by applecookie
1,785102/28/2008 04:26AM
Last Post by applecookie

Booting from pcmcia cdrom problem

by tlo
1,685102/15/2008 05:31AM
Last Post by tlo

HP dv6113us notebook with Elive 1.5 update

by syeager
2,755102/09/2008 08:54AM
Last Post by syeager

cannot install?

by syeager
1,845102/09/2008 03:04AM
Last Post by syeager

elive gem 1.0 boots to blank login

by syeager
1,595202/08/2008 01:52AM
Last Post by syeager

Elive 1.0 Gem /proc/splash: No such file or directory

by gazzaroonis
1,942102/03/2008 03:40AM
Last Post by gazzaroonis

crash on boot from live cd

by Jay Fontaine
1,593201/30/2008 08:30PM
Last Post by Jay Fontaine

Can't boot on Siemens Q45 with Elive GEM 1.0

by archimedes
2,923101/23/2008 12:58AM
Last Post by archimedes

"No screen found"

by krakopince
1,700201/22/2008 06:58PM
Last Post by she_died

Installing GEM over E17 installation

by eddh
2,514112/25/2007 06:40AM
Last Post by eddh

keyboard problem

by andrej
1,682112/20/2007 04:03AM
Last Post by andrej

install problem

by quentin
1,836312/18/2007 06:57AM
Last Post by she_died

can't get cd to load

by silent1643
2,540311/24/2007 01:56AM
Last Post by jahvascriptmaniac

Can't use liveCD

by Ian
2,315411/12/2007 02:21AM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

Booting HP Pavilion ze4500

by pheusion
2,399211/10/2007 04:49AM
Last Post by mandog

Internet connection issues

by steelbender
1,644311/08/2007 10:47PM
Last Post by steelbender

how do you get WPA working from cd

by coachwhip
3,009111/02/2007 08:08AM
Last Post by coachwhip


by CB
2,325110/16/2007 09:26AM
Last Post by CB

Live CD problem.

by Jocky
3,2471209/24/2007 06:09PM
Last Post by streams&dragonflies

login problem

by newshoes
2,746109/24/2007 08:51AM
Last Post by newshoes

Live CD issue, cannot install Elive

by katatonia
4,482509/19/2007 08:02AM
Last Post by streams&dragonflies

signature files?

by silent1643
1,669309/19/2007 07:36AM
Last Post by silent1643

Can't use national language

by Kolovrat
1,611209/19/2007 05:09AM
Last Post by ElonGlasb.

Recovering Windows

by Taramanga7
1,674309/18/2007 07:18AM
Last Post by Taramanga7

hard disk install without CR rom ?

by dam
3,026309/09/2007 01:59AM
Last Post by dam

Nvidia 8800 GTX

by radoo
2,669408/21/2007 11:33PM
Last Post by phoenix

Elive on an IBM Netfinity 5000 server - aic7895 SCSI controller

by Ogrosticlops
1,931208/21/2007 01:18AM
Last Post by Thanatermesis