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All technical things related to the installed mode 
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(--Requesting!--) for Invitation/install Codes

by gelo
7,2922607/05/2018 12:45AM
Last Post by juliesclbs

(--SOLVING!--) Installer module & codes, reinstall, payed, other.. TIPS

by Porris
11,0283312/03/2012 08:23AM
Last Post by down8ve

(SOLVED!) - Repository doesn't work!!!

by the neko
4,042912/02/2012 11:28PM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

(SOLVED!) Ecomorph show all apps opened?

by Gera
3,325702/29/2012 03:07PM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

(--NOTE!--) About payments / or deserve codes

by Squirrel
4,5371712/17/2010 10:12AM
Last Post by Wilbur289

(SOLVED!) Ecomorph autostart? /Compiz-nvid

by francobep
3,724806/02/2010 01:10PM
Last Post by leanmoha

(SOLVED!) - ibar disappeared

by player
2,586201/04/2010 04:22AM
Last Post by Mermouy


by Luis_P
264204/26/2018 08:41PM
Last Post by Trevor44

Is it easy to install Nvidia drivers?

by netguy
279112/24/2017 02:15AM
Last Post by netguy

some questions

by lasher666
289110/09/2017 01:08PM
Last Post by lasher666


by Stef_S
319109/04/2017 08:09PM
Last Post by Stef_S

Codigo activaciĆ³n

by JCS
373106/02/2017 09:53PM
Last Post by JCS

invitation code request

by cmorales
819305/18/2017 11:34PM
Last Post by savior

How to update jessie

by MuthuKumar
803103/28/2017 08:18PM
Last Post by MuthuKumar

Installation of elive 2.0 on another machine.

by reinaldo.limas66
968112/05/2016 12:15AM
Last Post by reinaldo.limas66

VMware install settings, Elive stable and beta

by baguasrr
986111/13/2016 10:31PM
Last Post by baguasrr

Elive Beta Code

by reinaldol
862209/10/2016 06:09AM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

No update

by floydsp
1,125106/17/2016 07:37AM
Last Post by floydsp

How to get invitation code?

by robert.stanislawiak
1,143102/19/2016 11:43PM
Last Post by robert.stanislawiak

Problem during the installation... need your help!

by carloseugenio
1,098102/05/2016 11:13AM
Last Post by carloseugenio


by wad
1,109101/30/2016 06:31PM
Last Post by wad

Sleep/wake authentication; what is it and what's its password?

by Saigua
1,042101/09/2016 03:59PM
Last Post by Saigua

[SOLVED] Consolekit block

by DeerHunter
1,045112/20/2015 11:57AM
Last Post by DeerHunter

Why Wheezy not Jessie?

by Larrydc
1,163112/04/2015 11:57AM
Last Post by Larrydc

elive is a rip off !!!!!!

by linux-freak
1,306110/31/2015 10:59PM
Last Post by linux-freak

Elive Installer Module

by pier
1,188210/05/2015 07:15AM
Last Post by ezenwa

install on HD but still boot from usb

by morpheus21
1,229106/20/2015 09:31PM
Last Post by morpheus21

codigo de activacion

by zoelans
1,323205/22/2015 09:43AM
Last Post by EliveLarxs

Transferring Elive from CD to Hard drive

by prcwnstn
1,389103/30/2015 06:45AM
Last Post by prcwnstn

Install on SDXC

by ska
1,221103/03/2015 07:32PM
Last Post by ska

Best way to install Nvidia Drivers?

by rockerman
1,265301/21/2015 02:21PM
Last Post by PlinyDeElder


by Yusuke
1,304101/03/2015 10:54PM
Last Post by Yusuke

installer module

by sergio
1,357112/30/2014 08:04AM
Last Post by sergio

invitation code

by akiyash
1,475212/15/2014 09:28AM
Last Post by jordisoler19


by jordisoler19
1,364112/15/2014 09:27AM
Last Post by jordisoler19

Transfer elive from HDD to SSD

by kicked_can_of_beans
1,348111/02/2014 08:14PM
Last Post by kicked_can_of_beans

Repository problems

by Sigma
1,154411/02/2014 04:16AM
Last Post by Sigma

elive installed but still booting from cd

by carlosj
1,375110/18/2014 12:15AM
Last Post by carlosj

Playonlinux will not install

by rockerman
1,101210/14/2014 06:59AM
Last Post by rockerman

can someone check my boot log please,

by jonah
2,480310/09/2014 05:18PM
Last Post by JulesKircs

Install Codes

by leanmoha
1,484110/05/2014 10:28AM
Last Post by leanmoha

Getting the Isntaller and migration mode

by Womble32
1,353109/12/2014 01:11PM
Last Post by Womble32

How to get an isnstaller module for upgrade?

by icemaker
1,330208/04/2014 10:40PM
Last Post by Laccorsi

Where is the install module kept ?

by wile
1,170207/20/2014 08:34AM
Last Post by wile

Admin Mode

by Taz62
1,411107/09/2014 07:35PM
Last Post by Taz62

Is there any way to install elive without internet?

by avcaballero
1,118206/26/2014 05:03AM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

need (invitation code)

1,304206/07/2014 11:56AM
Last Post by akiyash

debootstrap elive?

by aarcane
1,230205/17/2014 04:03AM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

Hello from a new happy Elive convert and alot of questions

by Nikolai_D
1,659104/15/2014 05:36PM
Last Post by Nikolai_D

Invitation code request

by valecl
1,615102/23/2014 01:24AM
Last Post by valecl

Requesting an invitational code

by maverik35
1,816101/26/2014 09:43AM
Last Post by maverik35

A mail for contact developers?

by justatry
1,574111/08/2013 06:32AM
Last Post by justatry

Install Elive 2.0

by west1997
2,028111/04/2013 03:12PM
Last Post by west1997


by fravv
1,706108/06/2013 02:01AM
Last Post by fravv

Swedish keyboard?

by Ean
6,822104/25/2013 02:40AM
Last Post by Ean

After install, Synaptic error: GPG error...

by Ronin
2,068103/19/2013 05:47AM
Last Post by Ronin

Hard drive died, won't install on new drive

by wile
1,801103/14/2013 10:42PM
Last Post by wile

Install 2.1.25?

by down8ve
1,867303/13/2013 09:27AM
Last Post by DeerHunter

i need a code

by MBdip
1,857101/10/2013 03:53AM
Last Post by MBdip

(SOLVED!) Segmentation Faults after ELive 2.0 Install

by trh411
1,523412/26/2012 02:13AM
Last Post by Agust

error synaptic missing package header

by basic
1,905312/03/2012 02:50AM
Last Post by basic

Is Elive still alive?

by Runaway1956
1,897212/02/2012 11:30PM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

eLive zeitgeist Repositorys

by nankura
2,769812/02/2012 11:21PM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

Cannot install NOTHING on my Elive

by marakid
2,200412/02/2012 11:20PM
Last Post by Thanatermesis


by intera91
1,680110/15/2012 05:21PM
Last Post by intera91


by lovedvd
1,772109/04/2012 02:51PM
Last Post by lovedvd

USB drives will not mount.

by jstocker
1,580205/13/2012 07:21AM
Last Post by jstocker

Launcher module

by intera91
1,608304/20/2012 08:06PM
Last Post by intera91

Again to pay for installer - modules.cod ?

by Ronin
1,885104/16/2012 05:48PM
Last Post by Ronin

Language translation

by Ronin
1,860104/12/2012 11:51PM
Last Post by Ronin

net-connector not working

by Ronin
2,166204/07/2012 08:57AM
Last Post by Ronin

How to change the Boot Order?

by moogman
1,485204/07/2012 12:05AM
Last Post by moogman

payment methods

by corallino
1,594203/09/2012 08:37PM
Last Post by corallino

Can not install Elive why???

by LennartL
1,827402/16/2012 02:05PM
Last Post by jerry0503214

how to add windows 7 to boot menu?

by treken
1,910101/29/2012 01:56AM
Last Post by treken

SSD SAMSUNG not recongnized

by CaReTo
1,715101/27/2012 10:02AM
Last Post by CaReTo

disable automount

by intera91
1,776101/15/2012 06:43PM
Last Post by intera91

Installer-module Features: Multiple Computers allowed

by Thanatermesis
2,271601/01/2012 07:48AM
Last Post by gtnorte

Toshiba Satellite no audio

by gonekerazy
2,267112/21/2011 05:35PM
Last Post by gonekerazy


by nicogelo
1,688212/08/2011 11:50PM
Last Post by theblackpigj

[solved]task bar works as tray

by roodap
1,383211/20/2011 11:04AM
Last Post by roodap

Kernel update

by bohnor
2,046111/09/2011 01:55AM
Last Post by bohnor

It became my Elive Topaz 2.0 slow

by artava
1,835311/08/2011 05:57AM
Last Post by artava

installing elive on old laptop

by warpman
1,801411/03/2011 10:37PM
Last Post by Cleanersworld

Installation failed: could not detect base system

by operis
2,440211/03/2011 10:31PM
Last Post by Cleanersworld

Install without internet access ?

by Ordinat
1,830110/28/2011 09:09AM
Last Post by Ordinat

My Elive Has Crashed No GUI Login

by Johnny
3,463110/26/2011 12:04AM
Last Post by Johnny

errors at boot

by ericc
2,146209/08/2011 06:18PM
Last Post by anu

Not install in 100 Mhz CPU

by csisek
1,882108/29/2011 09:53AM
Last Post by csisek

Brightness set to 100% after log in

by yuguang
4,244208/24/2011 10:03PM
Last Post by anu

WHy would I buy this?????

by wsonar
5,2322508/24/2011 09:45PM
Last Post by anu

How to donate when my PayPal-account is not working?

by fossiili
2,072108/20/2011 10:31PM
Last Post by fossiili

No Sound / Laptops

by XGaryG
2,0041206/27/2011 05:38AM
Last Post by Agust

Splash screen not shown / scrambled @ shutdown / reboot

by ChriguK
2,568406/03/2011 10:04PM
Last Post by XGaryG

Vmware tools

by sprint955
5,141904/27/2011 12:57PM
Last Post by suwanZAZA30

Can't mount nfs NAS

by DesertJim
2,276103/10/2011 02:39PM
Last Post by DesertJim

Live USB on Dell Mini 1012 producing an error on boot...

by Isthmus
2,272202/18/2011 07:02AM
Last Post by phfactor

Left mouse button freezes

by eserv
2,661402/17/2011 09:33PM
Last Post by she_died

Terminal configurator (Terminal manager) will not change font style

by Larrydc
2,268501/30/2011 02:19AM
Last Post by Larrydc

Install in eeepc 2G. help

by Negrito28
2,212301/27/2011 02:38AM
Last Post by Negrito28

Can't post on this forum

by chiiiiiiz
1,910501/25/2011 05:33AM
Last Post by hilltop_yodeler

complete freeze of Elive Topaz

by chiiiiiiz
2,089201/12/2011 10:25PM
Last Post by she_died

demo?but downloaded full OS

by forpublish
2,604201/08/2011 05:29AM
Last Post by jschall

Install module?

by linuxgnu
2,495312/23/2010 04:38AM
Last Post by anu

front audio jack not working

by dsuresh
1,812312/21/2010 03:58PM
Last Post by dsuresh

Where is the GUI after installing Elive on my Hard drive?

by xcwilson
2,320112/19/2010 01:57PM
Last Post by xcwilson

Is it possible to upgrade from Gem to Topaz?

by atari130xe
2,247112/13/2010 12:44AM
Last Post by atari130xe