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Window Resizing is S L O W (1.9.27)

by down8ve
2,8641409/24/2009 12:41AM
Last Post by anu

How to disable '-nolisten tcp'?

by wubbin
1,351209/24/2009 12:34AM
Last Post by anu


by klamath
1,761309/24/2009 12:27AM
Last Post by anu

network configuration app fails after upgrade

by jejones3141
1,704209/21/2009 12:17AM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

Nvidia needs a HowTo

by archwndas
1,947509/20/2009 11:56PM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

I did not think that I was dum.

by fminmexico
1,702309/20/2009 11:53PM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

First Impressions

by exavi
1,822209/20/2009 11:48PM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

Lack of configurability?

by Mars Thrax
2,167609/20/2009 11:33PM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

Network Connect feature

by rosinskitg
1,638409/20/2009 11:18PM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

EEE PC 701 install issues

by gasha
1,536209/20/2009 11:06PM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

Creating icons for standalone applications

by leanmoha
1,283209/19/2009 12:50AM
Last Post by she_died

system sounds

by genaro
1,659509/19/2009 12:43AM
Last Post by she_died

Boot on Floppy

by bubu
1,404309/18/2009 11:30PM
Last Post by she_died

Help...my elive is just in command line

by joaorafaeldp
1,367209/18/2009 11:10PM
Last Post by she_died

Flash upgrade probs

by Goer
1,382409/17/2009 04:57AM
Last Post by leanmoha

resize kat klock

by Rita G.
1,390309/13/2009 06:49AM
Last Post by Rita G.

Elive 'System Restore' equivalent option?

by Goer
1,951209/04/2009 07:06PM
Last Post by stanca

How to pls

by Goer
1,500109/04/2009 08:42AM
Last Post by Goer

Problem with upgrade from 1.9.37

by zul
1,252509/03/2009 06:04PM
Last Post by zul

Second screen & taskbar problem

by Carter5270
1,620108/30/2009 08:54AM
Last Post by Carter5270

Any new elive-compiz releases planned?

by leanmoha
1,532308/29/2009 01:06AM
Last Post by leanmoha

Menu Edit for Specific Commands

by down8ve
1,546208/25/2009 05:44AM
Last Post by phoenix

Audio configurator missing ?

by Semprobe
2,4472408/23/2009 04:09AM
Last Post by phoenix
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Desktop Grid: ctrl-alt-o

by down8ve
  This topic has been moved.

ad-hoc wireless howto for noob

by mnzt42yd
1,458108/21/2009 11:39PM
Last Post by mnzt42yd

Release Notes and Ecomorph Help

by down8ve
1,678208/21/2009 10:26PM
Last Post by stanca


by klamath
1,517308/19/2009 05:48AM
Last Post by klamath

elive 1.9.39 devel. of 2009-08-08

by gs
1,559508/13/2009 05:07PM
Last Post by Kol

No tty1,2,3,4,5,6

by klamath
1,465207/27/2009 12:35AM
Last Post by klamath

Mouse speed

by devnull82
1,732707/25/2009 01:31AM
Last Post by ifys

montar particiones ntfs automaticamente

by kor
1,638307/22/2009 06:07PM
Last Post by netmanny

Inconsistent Filesystem Structure

by valenticz
2,371107/13/2009 11:39PM
Last Post by valenticz

upgrade unstable version

by ska
2,034607/12/2009 02:47AM
Last Post by stanca

Wireless???? Help!

by ElEdwards
1,747707/11/2009 11:05PM
Last Post by dr_jk

acer aspire one netbook

by jimyjazz75
2,728807/11/2009 07:32AM
Last Post by Henri303

How to break 1.9.24

by craigusoz
1,534207/10/2009 04:11AM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

Error 17: Cannot mount selected partition

by habitantedegaia
3,663507/10/2009 04:02AM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

Elive Compiz 1.9.22-4-compiz-unstable.

by CajunMan
1,911307/09/2009 11:32PM
Last Post by Thanatermesis


by ndegekubwa
1,606507/09/2009 08:34PM
Last Post by ndegekubwa


by klamath
1,517407/08/2009 08:02PM
Last Post by Agust

[OT] ( hope moderator will comply with )

by klamath
1,451307/07/2009 04:03AM
Last Post by klamath

updating install - keeping home- partition?

by nipsen
1,645106/27/2009 11:12AM
Last Post by nipsen


by klamath
1,556106/27/2009 09:58AM
Last Post by klamath

HDD install no home partition

by morpheus
1,656606/26/2009 06:16AM
Last Post by Lludw

Entrance Themes

by Lludw
2,077306/26/2009 01:14AM
Last Post by Lludw

using the terminal?

by rixtr66
1,607706/22/2009 01:02AM
Last Post by anu


by jaguarcat311
1,351206/12/2009 11:04PM
Last Post by Mardon


by jaguarcat311
1,493206/12/2009 04:17PM
Last Post by AlexAnteMachina

how to restore display config

by jaguarcat311
1,688106/12/2009 02:55AM
Last Post by jaguarcat311

Updates via Synaptic

by down8ve
1,838206/10/2009 07:40PM
Last Post by down8ve


by MEETmou
1,655206/09/2009 05:59AM
Last Post by AlexAnteMachina

Can't update e with "tests" enabled

by rebbi
1,845606/08/2009 01:58PM
Last Post by the neko

No Swap Partition

by archaeopteryx
1,525106/07/2009 05:59PM
Last Post by archaeopteryx

HP Compaq 6715s

by hvc123
2,032406/06/2009 11:44PM
Last Post by hvc123

Main menu

by Radarette16
1,514706/05/2009 04:02AM
Last Post by Radarette16

savung modprobe blacklist

by alan
1,315406/04/2009 02:10AM
Last Post by Mardon

Elive won't boot after fine-tuning...

by freeze10108
1,728806/03/2009 12:15PM
Last Post by freeze10108

Support for 8Gb RAM

by wicus
1,601506/02/2009 08:06AM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

no boot loader

by chris200x9
1,505105/31/2009 10:39AM
Last Post by chris200x9

Re: Videos

by tigg
1,316105/30/2009 09:08AM
Last Post by tigg
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installed on a macbook black 4.1

by Baddablaiyke
  This topic has been moved.

Use an added e17 theme

by djohnston
1,406305/21/2009 05:32AM
Last Post by pikey

how to remove settings gadget from desktop

by Poweruser75
1,570205/14/2009 02:54PM
Last Post by Agust

VFS: Cannot open root device - kernel panic

by svgt
2,158405/06/2009 12:39AM
Last Post by nargol

White windows

by Plume
1,461305/01/2009 12:31AM
Last Post by Plume

Some doubts about swap and hibernating

by joe74
1,924204/30/2009 08:14AM
Last Post by jdackle

iBar and Panel auto-hide ... difficult

by jdackle
1,710104/30/2009 05:41AM
Last Post by jdackle

how to enable login and shut down sounds?

by genaro
1,617104/29/2009 02:47PM
Last Post by genaro

system doesn't start

by mique
1,511304/22/2009 09:13PM
Last Post by craigusoz

Laptop lid close settings

by Akai_oni
2,015204/22/2009 08:55PM
Last Post by craigusoz

elive doesn't get along well with others

by chytraeus
2,304504/18/2009 12:08AM
Last Post by lenu

[HELP!]How to restore default theme?

by Nic01
1,216204/15/2009 03:47AM
Last Post by yes-I

Re: Sounds

by esturiano
1,425104/13/2009 06:26PM
Last Post by esturiano

How to change Terminal Fonts ?

by marteo
1,476204/11/2009 09:19AM
Last Post by marteo

Username Okay - Password BAD

by jimfigs
1,972204/05/2009 02:51AM
Last Post by jimfigs

oddities after update

by jlwallen
1,321204/04/2009 09:56PM
Last Post by jlwallen

default applications

by jlwallen
1,452504/03/2009 11:53PM
Last Post by Plume

How to play audio music CDs in elive?

by davego33
1,524504/02/2009 05:56AM
Last Post by trezel

installation problems

by jamie
2,191504/02/2009 04:36AM
Last Post by wicus

Kernel source

by Jonas
1,454104/01/2009 11:45PM
Last Post by Jonas

AMSN crashs after upgrade

by ifys
1,141203/31/2009 07:09AM
Last Post by ifys

Synaptics Packacge Manager crashes

by ifys
1,469103/31/2009 07:08AM
Last Post by ifys

after elive live session, ubuntu doesn't boot...

by lenu
1,562103/30/2009 01:17AM
Last Post by lenu

avoid unstable message at boot

by clhona
1,328303/28/2009 09:22PM
Last Post by trezel


by jellmoo
1,742303/28/2009 03:43AM
Last Post by down8ve


by marku
1,594303/26/2009 07:09PM
Last Post by trezel

Sound just stopped working

by Sugarat
2,103103/24/2009 07:10AM
Last Post by Sugarat

i d rather use firefox

by ifys
1,488303/22/2009 08:13AM
Last Post by zrdc28

Copy and past in terminal

by Capnion
1,510503/22/2009 04:49AM
Last Post by ccbenz

Unable to boot, image mounting problem

by oCean_
1,567303/20/2009 07:47PM
Last Post by renee

EeePC 901 - live mode fine(w/special settings), install mode isn't?

by nipsen
1,663103/20/2009 06:56PM
Last Post by nipsen

USB ethernet connector not connecting

by blkadder
1,437103/18/2009 11:43PM
Last Post by blkadder

Can't seem to delete programs off menu within Entangle..

by arts216
2,164103/17/2009 08:29PM
Last Post by arts216

menus falling off the screen

by jejones3141
1,353203/16/2009 07:14AM
Last Post by DronAn

yay! CRAP!!!!

1,397203/16/2009 07:11AM
Last Post by DronAn

The problem is that I do not believe or not that is the root password ..

by sutanejo
1,570103/15/2009 12:01PM
Last Post by sutanejo

Can't boot Elive, stop while boot

by Sonic
2,427103/13/2009 05:30AM
Last Post by Sonic

Screen resolution won't change

by sofl33t
1,502103/11/2009 07:08PM
Last Post by sofl33t

Error of something about drivers

by silaz
1,196403/11/2009 10:38AM
Last Post by silaz

error 17 on boot after install

by oldwrinkly
1,476103/09/2009 07:11AM
Last Post by oldwrinkly