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Installed Mode

All technical things related to the installed mode 
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Terminal Transparency Background

by justin
1,237 5 08/23/2007 03:26AM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

Not formatting /home during install

by kirmonkey
1,101 2 08/23/2007 03:03AM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

restricting user access

by TravMan63
1,589 4 08/23/2007 02:53AM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

svideo and old tv with nvidia 5200FX

by hist
1,678 8 08/22/2007 06:01AM
Last Post by phoenix

Missing Modules

by Anthony M
1,188 3 08/21/2007 10:05AM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

Sound not staying ...

by sepius
1,160 3 08/21/2007 09:55AM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

"Signal Frequency is Out of Range"

by Anthony M
1,380 3 08/21/2007 09:30AM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

Sync with mobile phones.

by Boo2themoon
1,432 2 08/15/2007 08:49AM
Last Post by Boo2themoon

nfs partitions

by dr.bombay
2,539 1 08/11/2007 05:07PM
Last Post by dr.bombay

Cannot Copy and Paste in Terminal

by Anthony M
1,218 3 08/09/2007 07:11AM
Last Post by Anthony M

IceDove spell checker

by rah
1,614 2 08/06/2007 10:44AM
Last Post by rah

How to... install new applications.

by Jocky
1,523 3 08/05/2007 03:02PM
Last Post by ElonGlasb.

kernel panic on second boot after installation

by nzimas
1,105 2 08/05/2007 01:33PM
Last Post by ElonGlasb.
This topic has been moved.

Macbook version under parallels

by cybermarcel
    This topic has been moved.

allow user to shutdown

by Denizen
1,166 6 07/31/2007 01:00PM
Last Post by mandog

How to get internet work with Wlan?

by 1morebogen
1,216 2 07/30/2007 08:26PM
Last Post by bryanstein