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Things related to Enlightenment 
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Any plans for 64 bit kernel

by archwndas
1,222304/19/2015 10:37PM
Last Post by obenjamin

Dark color theme Question

by Irontom
1,617302/28/2015 04:31AM
Last Post by eshall

Uprade to a newer version of E17

by bohnor
1,886311/03/2014 09:47AM
Last Post by kicked_can_of_beans

missing the "speaker" gadget in E17.6 and E19

by kicked_can_of_beans
892211/03/2014 09:04AM
Last Post by Agust

Hot corner support

by Howpathetic
1,031111/01/2014 03:42PM
Last Post by Howpathetic

When is the upgrade to E18

by jmdennis
1,323309/30/2014 11:06AM
Last Post by jlslegalize


by jlslegalize
1,049108/02/2014 02:53PM
Last Post by jlslegalize

Keyboard Layouts?

by bullgr
6,332506/13/2014 03:19PM
Last Post by archwndas

Old System Running on E17. Forgot Elive User Name

by NinjaBum
1,416106/26/2013 12:08PM
Last Post by NinjaBum

Theme questions (getting new ones)

by Berek
1,446205/09/2013 02:44PM
Last Post by Agust


by noobienoob
1,602104/18/2012 01:16AM
Last Post by noobienoob

Enlightenment Desktop Icons Gone

by johnywhy
1,715109/04/2011 06:44AM
Last Post by johnywhy

Problem is wireless network connection

by karol
1,698108/21/2011 12:03PM
Last Post by karol

Menu edit

by Kriipi
2,305304/21/2011 09:34AM
Last Post by gkraft

A free alternative to eLive!

by jschall
4,841303/30/2011 07:43PM
Last Post by rippin

SOLVED Google Earth 6 Anwendungslaufzeitfehler

by bohnor
1,813203/27/2011 01:44AM
Last Post by bohnor

How can i change the language? Unable to use Language Configuration

by bohnor
1,897203/11/2011 02:28PM
Last Post by bohnor

How to add "Places" module?

by jschall
2,039402/18/2011 05:45AM
Last Post by she_died

Virtual Screen resolution

by Torsten
3,498308/09/2010 04:42PM
Last Post by she_died

Enlightenment instability in Topaz

by nene
2,667407/03/2010 09:39AM
Last Post by akelive

Where is the system tray of E17?

by Xorcerer
15,4851605/07/2010 10:36AM
Last Post by nene

Function Mute Does not work with Elive 2.0

by Jeff91
2,313404/29/2010 11:47PM
Last Post by gomalaca

How to keep config on a USB key ?

by sebrittner
2,367104/21/2010 10:39AM
Last Post by sebrittner

(Solved!) Forecasts module/gadget configuration

by Rafael Abrahão
2,476403/08/2010 01:43AM
Last Post by anu

Module Flame does'nt want to be disabled

by Mermouy
2,635501/26/2010 05:18AM
Last Post by Mermouy

Emodule-screenshot doesn't work anymore?

by Mermouy
2,298301/26/2010 05:16AM
Last Post by Mermouy

Mouse Flip?

by Hawklad
3,577401/16/2010 02:09AM
Last Post by idimitriadis

change virtual desktop whith mouse

by Franlou
2,291201/08/2010 03:42PM
Last Post by Mermouy

Deleting items from menus in entangle in E17!

by arts216
3,196210/17/2009 06:43PM
Last Post by nene

Connecting to enlightenment by NX server

by Mermouy
2,970110/15/2009 05:42PM
Last Post by Mermouy

How to change the e16 to e17

by joaorafaeldp
2,655209/25/2009 07:46AM
Last Post by stanca

problem with enlightment

by joaorafaeldp
2,502209/16/2009 12:57PM
Last Post by Hawklad

Change default login session

by rindi
2,582209/06/2009 03:14AM
Last Post by she_died

How to ???

by justwantolearn
2,410208/26/2009 06:37AM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

eLive 1.9.28 How to Configure twinview

by pcpinkerton
3,006406/06/2009 05:13AM
Last Post by AlexAnteMachina

Dual Monitors E17 - ubuntu 9.4

by zigga15
4,349105/12/2009 04:33AM
Last Post by zigga15

the adsl connection is gone

by habitantedegaia
2,534104/24/2009 09:03PM
Last Post by habitantedegaia

losing ability to change themes

by yes-I
2,474304/11/2009 09:49AM
Last Post by yes-I

How to reinstall softwares in elive

by nirmal.santhosh
2,753202/25/2009 01:54AM
Last Post by Agust

transparency ?

by anu
3,407302/25/2009 01:53AM
Last Post by Agust

E17 Menus

by smirnoff
4,308502/24/2009 04:10PM
Last Post by nirmal.santhosh

e17 repository

by dabadur
5,150711/16/2008 09:07AM
Last Post by puente_cortao

Temperature module in E17

by Plume
3,057211/15/2008 05:14AM
Last Post by Plume

Engage and background

by dmongo
3,209106/24/2008 07:47PM
Last Post by dmongo

E16 Editing enlightenment menus

by erdem
3,757305/19/2008 09:16PM
Last Post by maceiras

Can we generate menus in E16?

by maceiras
2,816105/19/2008 09:11PM
Last Post by maceiras

fonts are cot good for me.

by virtaava
2,759105/15/2008 01:51AM
Last Post by virtaava

Installing E16

by manchette
2,520304/13/2008 02:50PM
Last Post by phoenix

May not be correct forum - how do I get this livecd?

by sindyr
2,916103/12/2008 06:36PM
Last Post by sindyr

creating .eap's

by Slacker
2,677302/12/2008 01:00PM
Last Post by rab

[solved]Widget, clock

by Dramac
3,433201/09/2008 03:04PM
Last Post by Dramac


by enzodad
2,716301/09/2008 01:05AM
Last Post by phoenix

Making ETK themes work

by sintagm
3,315112/28/2007 03:38AM
Last Post by sintagm

Refrsh munu after instalation of new apps

by brofio
2,552812/17/2007 04:23AM
Last Post by Slacker

window manager

by babel
3,710112/05/2007 12:41PM
Last Post by babel

Eye candy

by masterizaak
3,318211/17/2007 01:12PM
Last Post by jahvascriptmaniac

E16 - electricity goes down

by carax007
2,689310/31/2007 04:05PM
Last Post by carax007

How to make e16 default instead of e17

by Simonium210
2,595210/31/2007 04:03PM
Last Post by carax007

Edit shurcuts of enlightenment

by babel
2,494210/18/2007 04:44AM
Last Post by phoenix

Window buttons accurate

by rah
2,852410/15/2007 01:54PM
Last Post by babel

e17 and xmms

by EliveMike022465
2,754208/30/2007 04:23PM
Last Post by EliveMike022465

e17 and ddesk

by TravMan63
3,248308/21/2007 09:45AM
Last Post by Thanatermesis

qemu -full-screen issue

by rah
12,925308/07/2007 06:35AM
Last Post by rah