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Auto Starting Programs

Posted by werner 
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Auto Starting Programs
March 11, 2008 02:46AM
The hidden file .elxstrt contains the commands that start after you login. It could be compared to the dos autoexec.bat file. In the file manager, click "view" > "show hidden files" and you will see it. Right-click on it and open with your favorite editor. Any local program you wish to start (or remove) is here. If you wish to disable a program, type a # in front of it. The shell will ignore everything after this character.

To add a program, I'll use an example that I have used. I wanted a system meter program (xosview) to start automatically. The command is: xosview -load -page -disk -ints -geometry 100x100+683+414 &

The & at the end of the command is important. It tells the shell to put the command in the background. I save the file and presto! It starts with enlightenment with options that I prefer.

Note: xosview is NOT installed with the base system by default. It can be installed by clicking Elivepanel > Admin and System > Package Manager > search xosview and check for installation. Then click apply.