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How to...use a get-E.org background with Elive Gem

Posted by phoenix 
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How to...use a get-E.org background with Elive Gem
August 23, 2007 04:02PM
Hi everybody,

You have downloaded a nice background for your *very nice* Elive Gem on [www1.get-e.org] but it doesn't work ?
Read this !

It's because Elive Gem uses to an old version of E17.

But, it's easy to solve that ! emosmile

The background file is a .edj file.

You decompil the file with this command :

edje_decc yourfile.edj

In the new folder, edit the .edc file.

Change the line



Then, launch the build.sh script with this commande :

sh build.sh

It creates a new .edj file, which will work in the E17 version of Elive Gem :D
Re: How to...use a get-E.org background with Elive Gem
December 25, 2007 04:14AM
I've tried using this on the animated Circuit wallpaper, but when launching the build script I get this error:

unhandled keyword spectra

A shame as I really like this wallpaper


Re: How to...use a get-E.org background with Elive Gem
January 17, 2008 08:28PM
nice one mate! i didnt even know one is able to get more those shiny backgrounds.

one lil' thingy tho. how do i apply that new background? im only able to copy the .edc file to ~/backgrounds folder via elive control panel's background option. and in background settings i cant apply none other than image files.
Re: How to...use a get-E.org background with Elive Gem
March 14, 2008 09:50AM
Every time I follow the steps described above I get a message saying that it cannot open the .edj file I want to decompile.

Plus, I am not able to see the themes I download either. It is frustrating! I welcome any help here since I have not found anything on the net even after extensive research.
Re: How to...use a get-E.org background with Elive Gem
April 19, 2008 09:09PM
This is what I did, according to what phoenix wrote

1) I put all the backgrounds in /usr/share/enlightenment/data/backgrounds

2) did a su and changed to above directory

3) did a edje_decc background.edj (like phoenix wrote)

4) BEWARE!! It makes a directory with the background-name!!!

5) change to that directory

6) edit the .edc-file and change the line e/desktop/background to desktop/background

7) then sh build.sh

8) Your new background.edj is placed in that directory!!

9) move de recompiled background.edj to the directory backgrounds

10) start the elive panel and goto Look 'n Feel Configurations --> E17 --> backgroundmanager

11) add your background from the above directory

12) open configuration --> configuration panel and choose background settings

13) And see there it is: Your new background; even the animated ones!!

Hope this helps you guys!!


Save your background with "save link as"

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Re: How to...use a get-E.org background with Elive Gem
July 28, 2008 07:02AM
has this worked for anyone else? besides two people? because i have been messing with this all day and no luck haha. The directions seem to go smooth. I get my new edj file.... but it still does not let me choose nothing but image files in the config. No edj unless they are one of the defaults.