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improve performances for desktops

Posted by assasukasse 
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improve performances for desktops
December 28, 2007 05:53PM
there are still some minor tweaks that can be done to improve performance of elive on desktops, don't expect too much since the system is pumped alot already, but is still possible to decrease lag time during charging applications.

There are a few tricks that can be done:

1) profiling the boot sequence
This is very easy to do, at the bootup add at the end of the boot command (you see it in the bar at the end during the graphical grub) the word
then it will take slightly longer to boot since everything will be checked and arranged in order to have a faster bootup.
This must be done only once, but can be issued again in case of heavy updates.

2) prelinking executables
This is another easy way to improve slightly the performance of the system.
To do this you should install prelinking, via
apt-get install prelink
then you should edit /etc/default/prelink
and this too PRELINKING_OPTS=-avmfR
After this you should issue this command:
and wait till its done.
you don't need to invoke anymore since from them will be automatic.

3)If you have alot of RAM you can consider also preload or readahead.
I use more preload than readahead but both work similarly.
just an
apt-get install preload
would do the trick.

4) last thing you need is sysv-rc-conf, a daemon commander.
It is very simple to install it:
apt-get install sysv-rc-conf
then is possible to invoke it by
From there you can disable all the unneeded services, for example if you have a modern system u can disable apm and apmd, and other stuff that u might not need.
Be careful not to disable necessary services!

That's all.
from then you system would work at the maximum it can. Be careful not to use the point 3 on very old system or when you have little ram.

Moreover, in order to improve the life of HDD on servers and other workstations that are on 24/24 you can add this command to your rc.local (/etc/rc.local)
hdparm -B 255 /dev/(hda or sda) depending how your disk are called

This will disable spinoff of drives, and they will live far longer!

That's all