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bootcd and iso compression

Posted by metalklesk 
bootcd and iso compression
August 16, 2007 11:22PM
hi, i'm trying to remaster my own personalized version of elive, i'm using bootcd for that task.

First i've removed all the app's that i don't want, then run bootcdwrite as root to see what happens and it creates an iso image, but this iso image is 670 mb of size but i uninstalled almost everything so i don't understand why is the iso so big ...

can anybody tell me how can i compress the iso ? i mean obtain an smaller iso ...

sorry for mi english, i speak spanish.


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Re: bootcd and iso compression
November 17, 2007 01:06PM
Mhhhh... The img in the iso is usually compressed on livecds.

Look for something named squashfs on google. or maybe cramfs, can't remember. And look for a tutorial on how to remaster knoppixes, the procedure should be nearly the same.

Good luck ;-)
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