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Problem with the Loggin

Posted by kalel53 
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Problem with the Loggin
February 06, 2009 01:27AM
hi, everybody, i had intall, elive 1.0 but i forgot my username and password i can into with root , it anybody can tell me how to get back my username and password or i have to re-install ? please help
Re: Problem with the Loggin
February 06, 2009 01:45AM
Hi kalel53 , since "el panel" users and groups , enter the user you have forgotten the password i get a new one.


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Re: Problem with the Loggin
September 28, 2016 01:39AM
after install restarted computer and now it is asking for a user and password... I was never asked to input this information in the install. Is there a default user and password. new beta version installed and updated 09/27/2016.