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(SOLVED!) - No internet access!

Posted by wmichaelb 
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(SOLVED!) - No internet access!
January 24, 2010 04:47AM
Hi, I just installed Elive, and in general, I'm impressed. But neither Iceweasel nor the package manager have internet access. The network configuration panel says that eth0 is active, but it's not acquiring an IP address via DHCP from my router. I have both an Intellinet PCI NIC card, and the onboard ethernet port, if that means anything; but neither give access, other than what is shown above. The internet connection worked when I was running Vector Linux on this same machine, and I have other machines happily connecting through this same hub and router. Is there something else I'm missing? Is there a program on Elive that will give configuration info?

Thanks in advance.

- Michael B. in Cincinnati

As a follow-up, I've tried ifconfig and dhclient to no avail; no connection. I've also tried setting up a static IP address in both my router and through the Elive configuration client (computer icon). It will NOT connect, and the distribution is useless without internet access; I can't update the system, nor add software. It's a shame, because this is a nice system. But I've read lots of entries in the forum and on the bug list about this same problem.

Has the problem with Realtec chip sets been resolved? My NIC card has this chip set.

Thanks for any responses in advance.

Update: I finally traced this to a bad NIC card. I tested it in another machine, and it also was inop there. It was apparently DOA out of the box! I replaced it with an older unit from the other machine, and now things are running fine.

Alex, thanks for your kind help and concern!

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Re: No internet access! Any suggestions, or do I bail on Elive?
January 25, 2010 07:29PM
Well, you did not mention what Version you tried to use.
But I guess you tried 1.9.57.
I assume that because this release had (yes it had!) a really annoying bug in its connectivity. ohmygod
So 1.9.57 was replaced by a new, fixed version which still has the same version-number.

To solve your Problem just redownload 1.9.57 (make sure not to mistake it with the old one you may still have on your hdd!) and test it!

Have Fun!

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Re: No internet access! Any suggestions, or do I bail on Elive?
January 25, 2010 11:53PM
Alex: thanks for responding!

The version that I'm running from the HD on that machine is the latest Gem 1.0, downloaded three days ago. I've been unable to figure out how to get system information on that version of Elive, whatever it might be.

I then downloaded 1.9.57 (unstable) yesterday, and tried that as a live CD. It looks much different, with a lot of changes to the initial software, so I assume that it's a different rev than is being offered as stable. But it won't connect either. I tried both versions on my Toshiba laptop as well. The Gem 1.0 version will boot, but not connect; the 1.9.57 version will not boot at all, but hangs in the middle. This may be an ACPI issue; I've had that trouble with this laptop before. I was able to get Xubuntu loaded on to it, but no other distribution other than Gem 1.0 so far. But Gem 1.0 won't turn on either the wired or wireless connection on the laptop.

What's frustrating is that I also tried a live CD of Fedora 11 with Gnome on the tower running Gem 1.0, and it ran faultlessly out of the box: instantly connected, ran Firefox, etc. So it's not failed hardware.

I've read some discussion on the forums about Elive not supporting the Realtek chipsets, and that may well be the issue here; both the NIC card in my experimental tower, and the wireless card in my laptop are Realtek based. If so, how can we get those drivers included in the kernel? There was a bug posted at one point, but it was closed when the person who filed the bug report failed to reply to the administrator.

I appreciate your response, but must ask if you have any other suggestions. I'm quite willing to experiment: it's a fast and pretty distro. But I need internet access!
Re: No internet access! Any suggestions, or do I bail on Elive?
January 26, 2010 01:14AM
Did you try using net-connector for establishing Internet-connection in 1.9.57?
If you dont know what net-connector is just look at this screenshot:

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Re: No internet access! Any suggestions, or do I bail on Elive?
January 26, 2010 01:36AM
Alex: I did indeed find Net Connect, and attempt to initiate a connection. The effort
timed out with no connection.

I also tried using the computer networking icon in Gem 1.0; it would initiate on boot,
but not connect. If I tried turning it off and reconnecting, it would time out without
eth0 reinitializing.

I'm increasingly motivated to try a new NIC card, but almost all those at my local
Micro Center are Realtek based.

Thanks again for your response!
Re: (SOLVED!) - No internet access!
August 24, 2011 09:57PM