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elive Kdenlive sid Upgrade Install

Posted by xetaprime 
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elive Kdenlive sid Upgrade Install
August 01, 2010 03:28AM
It's been a long week and a half!!!

Hey Hello!

A week and a half ago (seems like an eternity) I left my PCLinuxOS KDE 3.5 which has been my home for the last 6+ years because they went all KDE 4 on me. Just something about KDE4 that really bugs me. Well, and, I couldn't install Kdenlive either. While searching for a new distro I learned of e17 and of course elive among others. First I tried elive by downloading it then learned I couldn't install it so I went all Zeitgeist! Of course I found I couldn't install Kdenlive there either easily so I quickly jumped to GOS, OpenGeu, Ubuntu with e17, Mint 9 lxde with e17, MoonOS and even PCLinuxOSE17... well, you know how it goes- if it's not one thing it's another! I had MoonOS all setup and watching videos online froze my pc. The same thing happened with PCLinux and then Ubuntu and Mint... argghh! I wanted Kdenlive dammit!

Last night I bit the bullet and made the donation and installed elive. Getting Kdenlive installed went very well but took a long long time. First I updated the system. Then added the ftp.de.debian.org/debian main sid (deb and src) to synaptic repositories. That reloaded fine and even showed Kdenlive 7.7.1. However upon trying to install it it wanted to remove e17. So I didn't use synaptic. I used 'aptitude safe-upgrade' in the terminal- hoping I wouldn't break the system. And it upgraded and I didn't lose the system! Then I went back to synaptic and tried Kdenlive again but had errors about ffmpeg and others that 'were not going to be installed. I added the 'debian-multimedia.org sid main' and 'debian-multimedia.org testing main' and went straight to the terminal- aptitude install kdenlive- I think. For a week and a half I've been trying one thing after another so don't quote me. Anyway- it went in! At one point during the initial 'safe-upgrade' I got the desktop failure window but the console was still working in the background so I waited until all was finished.

I'm not sure it's stable. I don't much care at the moment. I'm a long time Linux user and am not so happy about all this 'no root gui login paranoia' stuff. Having a root login has taught me so much. It really urks me when someone says I shouldn't log in as root. But that's another story :0

Gonna go play now- ehh I haven't tried watching video online yet- I'll let you know (fingers crossed).

Best wishes,

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Re: elive Kdenlive sid Upgrade Install
August 01, 2010 04:30AM
I just watched an episode of Phsyc (totally LOLd!) on Hulu and all went well. I never had video freezing in KDE 3.5+. Debian elive worked great! Very big sigh! I wish I could make a live cd of this easily :( That's one of the blessings of PCLinuxOS. But I thank you elive! I might just have a home again!
Re: elive Kdenlive sid Upgrade Install
August 04, 2010 07:04AM
Okay- my new distro of choice seems to be elive! Everything is working!

I'm afraid I was spoiled by PCLinuxOS for so many years I never had to touch the teminal- though it is coming back to me...

Anyone know how to make a live cd of what I have just in case- so I don't have to do the whole thing over again at some point?

Thanx elive for this system!

Best wishes,
Re: elive Kdenlive sid Upgrade Install
August 14, 2010 07:17AM
Well, I'm writing from a competition e17 Why? Because I can't make a live dvd of my elive system. I guess I'm spoiled by being able to back up a completely configured system onto a live installable dvd. I tried and tried to get remastersys installed in elive and failed. If anyone has gotten it to work please let me know. So anyway... if I get it working myself I'll check back in.

Best wishes, Xeta

Oh, here's my new desktop emosmile

Re: elive Kdenlive sid Upgrade Install
August 15, 2010 06:47AM
Hi xetaprime , because it puts the screen the appropriate section ? idea please , so we can all see, good screenshot

Thank you!

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Re: elive Kdenlive sid Upgrade Install
August 17, 2010 02:07AM
Hello! What section to post screen shots in? I might have missed it. Thanx!
Re: elive Kdenlive sid Upgrade Install
August 17, 2010 03:08AM
Xetaprime, you can post in User's corner in this forum, and also in e17-stuff.org to brag happy

I am also curious about the DVD burn you attempted. Is it to boot as a rescue disk, or just all-purpose boot live? With your saved data still being written to the hard drive? as in Persistent mode?