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XRandr Extension missing

Posted by Gnimmelf 
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XRandr Extension missing
February 09, 2012 07:27AM
Hi all,

just installed Elive, and it's looking good!

But for some reason I can't adjust my screen resolution, it gives me the message

"Your X Display Server is missing support for the XRandR extension. You cannot change the screen resolutions without the support of this extension. It could be that at the time the ecore was buildt, there was no XRandR support detected."

-What do I do to solve this? -I'm pretty much a linux newbie, and googling didn't give me anything to go by.

Re: XRandr Extension missing
February 13, 2012 01:20AM
Hi Flemming, and welcome aboard!

There are other ways to change the resolution. Check out Permanent Solutions on this wiki page. I used to type vga=ask at the GRUB screen additional parameters to see what screen rez are supported by the graphics card; it's mostly a matter of responding to onscreen prompts. Incidentally you may want to mention what graphics card you have, in your reply.
Re: XRandr Extension missing
March 04, 2012 04:25AM
Hi and thanks for the welcome.

My graphics card is an ASUS GeForce 560 1GB PhysX CUD (whatever that last part means).

I did as you suggested with vga=ask, and now I just have to figure out why my max res is 1280x1024. My monitor is a Samsung 225BW, so it's a bit unsharp and flattened at that resolution... couldn't get the xrandr how-to on the linked wikipage to work with any higher resolutions than that. Will have another go at it later this week.

All hints, tips & tricks welcome!


Edit: Just saw this related post

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