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Sound Blaster Audigy SE probs

Posted by Antmanx2 
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Sound Blaster Audigy SE probs
October 30, 2007 12:37PM
I am not sure what all info you guys need i'll try my best to provide. I am very new to linux.

I know there is an issue with sound and being able to listen to 2 programs at a time. I have tested macbook on my computer and this issue seems to be fixed. However, this is not my issue exactly.

The problem i am having is when i try to use 2 programs that require alsa only one gets the sound. for example. If i try to use wine with a program that requires sound then hit the auido button and try to listen to music. This music program will tell me:

(computer 1)
Please check that:

Your soundcard is configured properly you have the correct output plugin selected no other program is blocking the soundcard.

(Computer 2)
However. When i attempted the same thing on my other computer (computer 2 lets say) i can listen to audio, On this computer i can also listen/talk on teamspeak all at the same time no issues. Unlike computer 1

Computer 1 Spec
Both computers have same motherboard, processor, etc. differences are:
geforce 6200 gts video
1gb of ram
sound blaster audigy se soundcard pci
firewire pci card

Computer 2 spec
can't remember the video card not as nice as computer 1 but nvida
512mb ram
onboard a97 (via) sound

your next question might be does the onboard work with computer 1. Well, it used to but it got fried somehow, i think maybe one time pluging in the speakers i hit the card and the side of the case at same time... shorting the onboard sound.

So if there is any more info u guys need let me know. Also please let me know if it requires commands/files where to find these commands or files because i am new to linux.

I have also tried to put my sound blaster audigy into computer 2 and it had the same results as computer 1.

I even went and purchased a new sound card made with a via chip and and isntalled on computer 1 and same problem. (brought this card back as that wasn't the issue.)
Re: Sound Blaster Audigy SE probs
October 30, 2007 05:59PM
Correct, the issue is solved on Elive for macbooks and its going to be implemented on the normal version of Elive emosmile
Re: Sound Blaster Audigy SE probs
October 30, 2007 11:40PM
i tried macbook. I still had this problem.

Like little programs sounded better and i could actually hear both of them.

However. I could not use wine and my audio player still. Would get the sharing/in use error.

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Re: Sound Blaster Audigy SE probs
November 05, 2007 02:32AM

i purchased a sound blaster live sound card 5.1


everything now works perfect and there is no problems so far emosmile

Thanks Thana for your advice about this card (in chat)
Re: Sound Blaster Audigy SE probs
November 08, 2007 01:24AM
For anyone else interested:

I managed to workaround the problem with my audigy SE this way.

1. Run de sound driver config tool in elpanel, it will detect the card and config. it.
2. Run the alsa mixer config tool
3. Raise the volume of the central speaker... that's all... so far idea . Don't ever push it to 100%, the sound gets terrible for some reason, but below that margin, it works perfectly.