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Synaptics Touchpad Driver Issues

Posted by darien 
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Synaptics Touchpad Driver Issues
November 05, 2007 12:45PM
While using the liveCD the touchpad is VERY slow, and after installing the touchpad stayed slow.

I've read up and found out I need to install gsynaptics, which I did. I have it all installed but here's the issue.

I have synclient 0.14.6 installed (driver)
I have gsynaptics 0.97 installed (gui)
Both of these are current in synapse.

when you try to turn on gsynaptics you get:

darien@dvaio[~]$ gsynaptics-init

** (gsynaptics-init:3975): WARNING **: Using synclient
Unknown parameter CoastingSpeedThreshold

The CostingSpeedThreshold value in the driver does not have the "Threshold" at the end, only CoastingSpeed.

Any ideas on where to go next?

Re: Synaptics Touchpad Driver Issues
November 05, 2007 05:55PM

Post your /etc/X11/xorg.conf
SOLVED: Synaptics Touchpad Driver Issues
November 05, 2007 09:08PM
Found a quick solve in this thread [forum.elivecd.org]

I essentially went to an Ubuntu 7.10 box and copied the synaptics driver from there, and copied it over the existing one. Works fine now (so far.)