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3COM 3crusb10075

Posted by maestrojagarcanda 
3COM 3crusb10075
December 23, 2007 02:57AM
Hi, i use this usb stick because I have not a wireless card.
Elive doesn`t recognize it and i really want to install elive.
Do you have some help to this poor linux user????
Re: 3COM 3crusb10075
December 26, 2007 04:10AM
I downloaded the driver for linux because it have the zidas chip and its supported, but don`t know how to install it on Elive

Have you some help on this, or I must to use ndiswrapper to activate it???

Thank you
Re: 3COM 3crusb10075
December 26, 2007 04:16AM
I have an SMC USB network stick. I use ndiswrapper and it works fine, as long as I activate it from the Epanel->Networks Configuration each time I boot up.


Martin Prior
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