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A good network manager

Posted by knappen 
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A good network manager
August 15, 2007 04:04AM
It would be nice to have a good network manager like wicd. That would make it easy to swap between wired and wireless networks easily. For laptops anyway :-)
Re: A good network manager
August 15, 2007 11:02AM
One of the Elive developers has an excellent application called wifi-wiz. Google it and try it out (it's not in the repositories). It's very nice and does what you want. emosmile

Re: A good network manager
August 15, 2007 03:07PM
Thanks for the tip!

I found wifi-wiz:


Re: A good network manager
August 15, 2007 03:09PM
Moderator: It is ok to move this thread to the Hardware, Wifi section.

And please, include wifi-wiz in the next Elive release :-)
Re: A good network manager
September 08, 2007 01:19PM
the built in network manager works fine for me; however - I have used wicd and find it works even better... - easier to setup mainly

I also think that changing wireless networks should not need roots password. I did note that wicd didn't work for me in elive 1.0

Will have to try wifi-wiz myself