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Nvidia driver issues

Posted by sepius 
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Nvidia driver issues
August 16, 2007 07:22AM
Has any one had any issue with nVidia drivers?

I installed as per the wiki and I also loaded a seperate Kernel (did not want to break the Elive one) and used the nVidia script and both times I get no screen when entranced starts, and I cannot seem to use another login either unless I turn off PCI on the ACPI, then I cannot get the screen going, edge trigger error.

I suspect its the screen settings, can anyone tell me how to get details on screens so I can change it in xconf to match mine ... oh which is a Compaq V6000 Laptop.

Apart from that, Elive is fantastic, Mandriva was the only other distro I could get to work on this system, and I really wanted a Debian distro.


EDIT - I just noticed the extra stuff in the wiki, will try that, and if it works I'll get back here, if not .... I'll also come back then ..too hmmmm

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Re: Nvidia driver issues
August 17, 2007 08:11AM
Nup ... no go. Still rekon its the screen settings, doing search on the settings now, and seeing if other forums have something.

The nologo setting allows me to switch users, but I still get a blank screen. When I startx it has no errors, so thats why I think it might be scanning to high.

Will get back if I find something, unless somem one can offer a pointer.
Re: Nvidia driver issues
January 28, 2015 07:37PM
My only problem was the sound card. I got this to work under DreamLinux using the Asla 1.0.14. When I tried to replace Alsa 1.0.13 in Elive Synaptic wanted to remove most of the packages so I did not go ahead.