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Wifi drivers for linksys card

Posted by Rob2000 
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Wifi drivers for linksys card
August 18, 2007 10:29AM
Hello, I just have installed Elive, but I didn't find drivers dor this card:
WMP54G-FR from linksys.
Somebody could help me?

Re: Wifi drivers for linksys card
August 31, 2007 04:14AM
I believe that this card has the Ralink chipset... If so, you need to get the rt2500 or rt2400 driver. Hope this helps. If you can't get the driver working, post back and I'll walk you through installing the Windoze driver with NDISWrapper.
Re: Wifi drivers for linksys card
March 06, 2015 07:51PM
My only problem was the sound card. I got this to work under DreamLinux using the Asla 1.0.14. When I tried to replace Alsa 1.0.13 in Elive Synaptic wanted to remove most of the packages so I did not go ahead.

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