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eee box Vid

Posted by tlm 
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eee box Vid
December 28, 2008 10:41AM
I was able to run the unetbootin unstable version on my eee 701 and it was quite nice. However, when I tried it on my eee Box b202 with my dell monitor, I could hear that it was starting up, but the monitor went to standby mode and showed nothing. Tried several different ways- eeepc way, the first two troubleshooting ways, regular way, etc., all to no avail. Edit to add: it did go though its regular course of loading, which was visible, just no image right as the desktop would be loading- could hear music.

I will play with it some more on the 701 and check back here to see if this is an easily addressed problem on the eee Box.

945GME - Intel graphics card on the Box. I thought that the eeepc1000 had the same, so maybe it would work, but not sure.

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