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wi fi Atlantis A02-UP-W54

Posted by giometra 
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wi fi Atlantis A02-UP-W54
January 08, 2009 08:48PM
Hi All!
I'm Italian & I'm not very good at english, so.. wink
My problem is about an Atlantis A02-UP-W54 usb card. I installed Elive to try this distro and I'm having problems on getting connected.
When I used ubuntu, I installed this card using ndiswrapper and worked very well.
That's wat I've done:
1) edited the sudoers file, to have permissions with "su" and "visudo"

2)checked ndiswrapper is installed (looking in synaptics)

3)created a folder called "driver" in my home folder and pasted in the files I used in ubuntu: sis163u.cat SiS163u.INF SiS163u.sys SiSWBase.dll SiSWInst.dll SiSWPars.dll

4)I gave in a terminal the same command as for ubuntu 8.10:
"sudo ndiswrapper -i /driver/SiS163u.INF"
and then gave the passwd for admin.

5)then "sudo ndiswrapper -l" and the result is
"installed drivers:
driversis163u invalid driver!
sis163u invalid driver!"

My knowledge of unix OS is the newbe's knowledge..
Please, Help me, 'cause I really love the fast and look of this distro!