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Network Connectivity Dell D600

Posted by ccbenz 
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Network Connectivity Dell D600
March 22, 2009 04:42AM
Hey, I just installed the latest stable version of elive on my Dell D600. The problem I am running into involves network connectivity. Neither wireless (to be expected on a fresh installation of any linux flavor) or ethernet (unusual).

Being unfamiliar with this distro, I hopped into BASH (old friend we meet again, lol), switch to root and attempt to use ifconfig. The only thing that shows up is loopback. I snatched the known good cable off the VOIP box to no avail. My ip stays at and my mask is at

Am I boned? What can I do?

Until I get answers I will have to dual-boot with *gasp* ubuntu.
Re: Network Connectivity Dell D600
October 11, 2009 02:08AM
I'm having wireless issues with my D600 as well. Odd thing is, I know it works, I've used with with other debian based distros without any real issues (xubuntu, Linux Mint), and with a PClinux base distro.

I'm using Elive 1.0 Gem of the livecd.
The wireless itself it working, sees the SSID. But dhcp doesn't seem to work. To get it at lease pretend to activate, I have to give it an IP, subnet, & gateway. I even went so far as to give it DNS addresses to my isp, which has never been needed.
ifconfig will show the ip I assigned, but I can not ping out, I can't even ping my dsl modem's ip.

Is there a firewall type setting that I don't know about? As I said, I know it works with other distros using DHCP.