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Live HP Mini 210 video problem

Posted by ravendove 
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Live HP Mini 210 video problem
October 02, 2010 10:30AM
Hi everyone. I've got an HP mini 210-1018CL and I'm trying to load Elive 2.0 from a usb drive. It starts out ok, I can select the language and ntfs compatibility settings fine, but when I get to the point where the graphical interface is supposed to start, it gives me a menu with options to reconfigure xorg, install, or reboot. When I exit that to a command line and type startx, it gives an error EE: Device not found. Lspci shows the video and display controllers, both of which are intel and have IDs of a011 and a012 in that order. HP's website doesn't have linux drivers for this model. I've tried booting to the option for graphical problems and also to special for Eee PCs since it's a netbook. I get the same issue no matter what. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Live HP Mini 210 video problem
October 06, 2010 12:56AM
It looks like you have graphics problem right. Did you try the differents options at boot? I remember that one of them deal with graphical boot problems... Maybe start that first...? In last solution you may look for mini 210 + lenny in google to see for other users experiences...?

Hope it can help..


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Re: Live HP Mini 210 video problem
October 06, 2010 04:57AM
Thanks for the reply. I did try different boot options, including the one for graphical problems. I get the same issue no matter what option I choose. I did some searching regarding Debian and the mini 210, as well as just linux in general with this machine, and I couldn't find anyone with video problems. A lot of touchpad and bluetooth problems, but not video.

Is there, perhaps, a list of compatible hardware for elive? I know that would be a lot of work so if there isn't I understand. The video card this machine has is the Mobile Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150, if that helps.