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Latitude D610 Wireless Driver

Posted by zosodemon 
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Latitude D610 Wireless Driver
August 06, 2007 04:05AM
Hey guys,

I am trying to install the wireless driver for my laptop, but after I install it, it does not pick up the device. I am using the ipw2200 driver, which is in the repos. I checked for the device in the network configuration but it didn' t show. Any advice would be appreciated.
Anonymous User
Re: Latitude D610 Wireless Driver
August 12, 2007 01:00AM
I use d600 and I have got mine to work. I'm using wpa2 which is a bit more complicated. Search the net for "wpa_supplicant" and you find good info on how to set up your wireless emosmile
Re: Latitude D610 Wireless Driver
October 19, 2007 01:19AM

wich wireless networkcard are build in your laptop???

I have a dell D620 (core solo), the networkcard is a Broadcom WLAN 1390 mini... (lunch: lspci from terminal to see the specific of your hardware...) and I must to use ndiswrapper (so windows driver) for see the card in Elive...