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Changes in the forum

Posted by Thanatermesis 
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Changes in the forum
September 21, 2009 12:15AM
Today I have received an email from somebody that has say that don't want to try Elive because there's more complaints than good experiencies threads in the forum (lol), Ok so I have see that there's a really lot (more than 80 %) of posts on that thread that are just normal questions about Elive, I have moved some to the correct forum sections, and also removed old/solved ones.

There's also changes in the forum like renaming of the Sections, a more short title for the sections for Elive, notice that the Feature Request section of this subsection is moved to Toughts (also renamed) with the name Suggestions

I think that there's other things that needs to be renamed and/or ordered (sort order) on the forum, so tell me your thoughts/comments about this in order to made this forum better emosmile

By other side, If you are a (minimally) active user of the forum and want to have moderator privileges just request me them, from the forum or the IRC. Help us to made the forum better! emosmile

Re: Changes in the forum
September 21, 2009 12:25AM
Update: In order to prevent more messages that are not related with the Complaints section, and since it is supposed to be a important section to follow, I have set this section to require the approval of the moderators in order to publish a new thread
Re: Changes in the forum
September 21, 2009 12:26AM
remember that you can follow threads and so receive emails when a new message is posted, Im not sure if you can do this for an entire section but for that you have the RSS links too emosmile