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International community and merged documentation?

Posted by Mermouy 
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International community and merged documentation?
October 25, 2009 09:56AM
Hi everybody!

Maybe I have an idea:

I think the Elive User Guide remained unfinished too long and I think that a wiki is the suitable tool for that.
I was thinking to start to translate it in french but I found a french community (on the late), where an already french tranlated version was written! Then I saw annoucements for differents forums in differents languages and here comes the idea:

The wiki engine that I propose here is a wiki especially conceived to be perfectly multilingual. The principle it is a wiki which proposes as many interfaces/pages configured languages. Going to the test-site still in construction is better than long discourses.
Quickly: when you write a page in a language (english for example) its equivalent is generated in all other configured languages of the site, waiting until a charitable heart wants correctly to translate it.
Anwiki is still a little young but it is apparently usable in production. Moreover the author seems particularly active.w00t

The obvious advantage would be: rather than to divide the Elive community into as many languages why not, on the contrary, to create only one base of common and multilingual federator documentation ?!!!?
Then we can imagine, for example, that each community (such as this one) would preserve its forum, tickets, articles etc… But Their “documentation” link redirects on this common platform?
The evolution and the completion of the Elive User Guide would then be boosted! What do you think about that?

Once again the site is just a project and many things remain to do if this project is followed (design, to take contact with the various communities, to translate and write Doc.… Maybe even see with the author of anwiki for an importation script of accounts from docuwiki/phpbb etc... what would make possible for users to don't need to create new account on this one).

I've written a french post here.
Maybe a little poll would be great?confused

See you soon!


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