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Forum and wiki translation?

Posted by Mermouy 
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Forum and wiki translation?
October 25, 2009 12:41PM
What do you think of a forum/wiki couple to help translation work (to discuss about possibilities, choices and create kind of protocol and translation standardisation)?

It may be integrated in the project I was talking about before?
Or maybe a forum here and the standard wiki on the trac website part?


Some of my websites:
Communautary website idea: [teams.elivecd.org]
Personnal website: [perso.youm.org]
Rwanda, french community: [rwandaises.fr]
YouM's streeshow: [youm.org]

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Re: Forum and wiki translation?
October 28, 2009 03:07PM
Well, there's the actual plans that i have on mind:

    * About the Elive User Guide: I want to do something entirely different, normally the users doesn't read (let's see... a 2 % of them read it), so my idea is to make a "interactive tutorial", that is, an application with images and stuff that the users like, an entire application that has events and interactivity, this is a very main idea and nothing is done yet
      * good points: it will be translatable from eltrans directly, it will be nicer than to read a doc
      * bad points: not exportable, limited to the operating system, can't make PDF's or HTML's of it... but im not sure if this is a bad idea since it should be used only inside Elive (and only made for) and there's where you can use it
    note: by other side anybody is welcome to send me translated versions of the .odt file (odt = openoffice source code of the document) and so to generate translated pdf's of this doc to include it on Elive

    * Website: my main idea is to use "flags icons" so a selector of the language that will be a link to google-translator translating the website, this is really the only resounding good possibility for the website since will have full translations of the page, less-maintaining, and the possibility to correct translations (click on the text and you have the option "suggest better translation for this sentence" things)

    * Wiki/community: I have made a community website in the past, then i closed it, i have made a wiki website in the past, then i closed it too... why ? just because nobody was worried about it, nobody has maintained or write anything on them... instead of that, extra work cleaning hacks and spam on them, so... they not works, for now, maybe in the future we will have more users and then yes, but is not the actual case right now, so i dont have any plans for these things at all right now, and of course no time work

Re: Forum and wiki translation?
February 07, 2010 01:34PM
sounds good