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New Website: Collaborators

Posted by Thanatermesis 
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New Website: Collaborators
December 07, 2009 04:38AM
On the Elive Website we have a form to fill out for Collaborating with Elive. We have actually some collaborators/volunteers; unfortunately we don't have any specific tasks for them right now. All that is about to change: in the near future, we will have a list of 'requests' for miscellaneous things, like design concepts or new e17 modules. So let's pull these volunteers, and bring them some activity. Give them a ready-to-use site similar to social-network websites where they can share things with you, like their work, comments, forums, talk, etc etc... it can be used also for build an organized system for future development of Elive.

The idea of this website is not to be an official development outlet of Elive but more like a collaboration/fun/playing website, an indirect organization for ideas, brainstorming and code where users can share their work and other nice things in a kind of public multi-user blog hug. A sandbox, if you will emosmile

We have some general ideas of what this website should or not should be, but the best is to continue in this forum thread where we can directly start collaborating, in order to decide what to build, how, what to use, and then finally do it

The real/official development of Elive will be on [dev.elivecd.org] but for this will be needed first to have a website where we can get familiar with each other, where to know their "creative work", their personality, dedication, etc. Maybe there is another person thinking along the same lines as you, and this is one venue to find out.

What we want to do
* Set up a multi-user kind of blog where the collaborators will share their works/collaborations/things, for example: somebody will write a small e17 module to show the public IP, somebody will design a nice animated e17 background, somebody will write a nice article about elive in X website, etc etc
* Other important points/ideas ?

Website related stuff
* Wordpress CMS: Why? because is a very complete CMS with a wide range of users/developers and so we have a lot of options like themes and plugins. It looks pretty friendly too and that is very important. That's the actual idea, any better suggestion ?
* [buddypress.org] : This provides a good social-networking/multi-user way of working in the website if we use wordpress.
* We should have a way/place where to upload files or to put things, not sure if the same website or by an external way
* A system of having documents editable by multiple users, like a simple wiki page
* Suggested domains names (and name for the site) ?
* Any better CMS suggestion(s) ? Maybe you already use something for this purpose; tell us about it!. Note: Trac is not a good option because is totally no-social-network at all and not friendly for a collaborative/multi-user (social) usage

What we need
* Collaborators:
* Moderators/Admin/Managers for the site, specially for starting to set it up, searching plugins/features/themes, implementing them, etc... making the site ready. If you are a volonteer just say that in your comments for this thread
* Organizers: organize the work, post replies, assign tasks, make decisions, etc, this requires a clear mind, because this may be the most important responsibility: to correctly organize everything. Think of this just like the work of a chief, manager, secretary, etc. If you are a volonteer just say that in your comments for this thread

What collaborations you can do
Everything useful is welcome, this includes:
* Coding: (e17 modules or any kind of useful coding)
* Designs: A good designer is a good designer, this will include having the ability to design using any software. The edje implementation of the designs is not required but very useful if you know it
* Promoting: This is very much needed for Elive too, you can help a lot by simply writing articles about Elive, promoting Elive on miscellaneous sites, or even better by thinking about marketing tactics and ideas to promote Elive better, this last will require some involvement from you and other volunteers like you

Possible Extra/Other Ideas
* Some kind of contest/reward system ($) for future work in the official development of Elive, for example "it needs an e17 module for Parental Control". This will bring up some motivation and could be inviting for E17/Elive developers. Feedbacks ?

We need your comments here with ideas and volunteers to set up everything meditate

Let's start the fun boogie clap boogie

Note: this post may be updated depending on (your) comments and ideas in order to have a clear vision of this thread.
Note2: Set this thread in mode 'watch' so that you will be noticed when there's a new post.

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Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 07, 2009 08:23AM
Well not bad idea, I only do i not very good artwork but count me out.nod


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Elive user since 2006
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 07, 2009 09:53AM

Generally: That's a great idea to start this project, you can count me on for sure!

More precisely:
Website related stuff
* Wordpress CMS: Why?
* Any better CMS suggestion(s) ? Maybe you already use something for this purpose; tell us about it!. Note: Trac is not a good option because is totally no-social-network at all and not friendly for a collaborative/multi-user (social) usage
:I'm agree with that even if it's not the only one it's one of the most developped along maybe with joomla witch can also be a good and complete solution with the amazing number of extensions/plugin for. It maybe also louder than wordpress I don't know. Another good solution as I was proposing before can be: to integrate anwiki in a CMS...

* Suggested domains names (and name for the site) ?
Maybe something like eliveuser.org ?

What we need
* Collaborators:
Think of this just like the work of a chief, manager, secretary, etc. If you are a volonteer just say that in your comments for this thread
I've also made a link to this discussion on the french-non-official website I will update if some french-only writing responses is posted.

What collaborations you can do
this last will require some involvement from you and other volunteers like you.
I can make a bit of design task, website/forum/CMS creation/management (without too much coding aspects) and of course promoting or at least some tutorials/howto redaction...

Hope it helps...



Some of my websites:
Communautary website idea: [teams.elivecd.org]
Personnal website: [perso.youm.org]
Rwanda, french community: [rwandaises.fr]
YouM's streeshow: [youm.org]
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 07, 2009 05:16PM
Mermouy Wrote:
> Maybe something like eliveuser.org ?

More like something.elivecd.org, i'm thinking in planet.elivecd.org (and the site, so, called 'Elive Planet' or something like that)

Other names can be addicts.elivecd.org (more fun), collaborators.elivecd.org, fans.elivecd.org, idk... proposals ?
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 07, 2009 06:33PM
What collaborations you can do
Everything useful is welcome, this includes:
* Promoting: This is very much needed for Elive too, you can help a lot by simply writing articles about Elive, promoting Elive on miscellaneous sites, or even better by thinking about marketing tactics and ideas to promote Elive better, this last will require some involvement from you and other volunteers like you
I can write articles in english and spanish. I have training in marketing issues, i can help with tactics and ideas too.

Regards emosmile
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 08, 2009 01:37AM
+1 for addicts... clap

Maybe also something close to Enlightenment like exchange.elivecd.org?



Some of my websites:
Communautary website idea: [teams.elivecd.org]
Personnal website: [perso.youm.org]
Rwanda, french community: [rwandaises.fr]
YouM's streeshow: [youm.org]
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 08, 2009 04:27AM
Elive is something you'd want under your Christmas tree and well worth the money.

Collaborators could be rewarded with a free copy. wink
(For delivering a working theme, for example.)

I was working on a theme concept ("Hero" and "Extacy") of personalized copies designed for boys or girls, creating a male or female "character" for your computer. I didn't get far and forgot about it up until now. Elive could be the right OS for this.
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 08, 2009 08:59AM
I have tried to made a fast install of Wordpress + Buddypress, I have added a bunch of maybe-interesting plugins (not tried) and i think that the actual resulting webiste works, but I can't look more on it right now

WE NEED VOLONTEERS for admin and manage this site ! who want to be an admin/organizator/manager ?

Actually I think that you can create a user and a blog and start using the site, but do not play too much with it... is possible that will be reinstalled (clean install) before to really start using it

Still having around a lot of plugins/themes/features avaialbe, so is needed volonteers to admin and play with it internally, just leave a comment on this thread and ill give you an admin account

Site: [addicts.elivecd.org] emosmile

This is a demo of this wordpress+buddypress fully-working: [testbp.org]

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Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 08, 2009 04:18PM
I'm okay even just to start and test it...

Read you...
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 08, 2009 05:47PM
I can try to help testing de page with an admin account
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 08, 2009 07:21PM
Mermouy and sunchild: I can set your account to be admin but better if you do a register yourself first, you can do it on the main page [addicts.elivecd.org] , I can set you to admin mode after you have it

More volonteers to manage/admin the site in order to make it ready ? (try plugins, brainstorm things, tests, etc)
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 08, 2009 07:25PM
Will be nice if we list somewhere which plugins and configurations we want to have on the final/ready site (it will be reinstalled after all the tests, so do not worry to break anything emosmile), with a list (maybe just listed there, so that we comment about it too) we can setup very fastly the final version of the site then

Remeber: first is needed to make it working at the way that we want that it works, after, we can think on the look and "widgets/gadgets" to have on the site
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 08, 2009 10:13PM
The site looks broken, I'm thinkin on to install it again, we need to learn "what" exactly is a group, a blog, etc etc, and how we should use them
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 08, 2009 10:16PM
After to understand how the groups/blogs/stuff elements works, we need to do tests about normal usage, for example "Im a designer and i want to publish a post showing my new nice wallpaper" (I think that roxville has already do that including an image)

It is also important to raise the security of this site if we dont want to have it flooded of spam, wordpress is very used so im sure that there's a lot of spamming bots in the net trying to inject crap all the time, by starting with a captcha system is the first important thing to do
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 08, 2009 10:25PM
sunchild, that's awesome! you are WELCOME to chime in! wave
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 08, 2009 10:30PM
Thanatermesis, I'm trying to register myself in addicts.elivecd.org and indeed seems it does not work.

Roxville: thank you very much for your welcome emosmileemosmile
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 08, 2009 10:46PM
problem solved (it was just a configuration: "allow register...")

Could be a good idea to setup also a normal user for tests as "end-user", for example, open a terminal with a different user and run "xhost +" so that you can launch a firefox from a different user, then do a register of a new user on the site and you can do tests of "normal user" (no-admin) from this firefox session while in your other firefox you will have your admin one

Things like "create a new blog" maybe should be disabled as default for end-users ? im not sure... we need to know first "what can be useful they for" on this site, we don't want a flood of thousands of different blogs, we need a useful website, simple means easy and clean/clear. Anyways... let's continue doing any kind of tests on this site

I think that we will need a kind of "generic wall" like facebook, this site looks like to do this but im not sure how it works or how needs to be set up
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 08, 2009 11:41PM
The main idea of thing needed to create is: A multi-user collaborative website where the users can register and join groups, for example a group of "marketing" and a group of "designers", groups are independent so for example somebody in the "designers" group will create a new animated background, he write a new post about that including a screenshot, other ppl of this group will comment on this post for example, etc... other example will be in the "marketing" group, somebody will have a marketing plan/idea (maybe we need to set up a "privileges" system, so for example only a privileged person can write posts, for this kind of group) and write a post, informing about the details of this marketing idea, other users will "realize" this task, etc...

Looks like this site with this plugin is very ready to do these things, but if is not the case then we need to look to a different CMS/site type
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 09, 2009 12:26AM
I have installed a plugin that assigns a default blog for every group (added one in Website Admins group), so if a group has not a blog i think that is useless... aparently every group/blog/wathever has its own homepage with widgets and stuff, in any case every one has its own configuration, but trying to setup these widgets everything looks like im in the main page, no difference, so... ? ¿?
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 09, 2009 10:27AM
Me again...

So here we go, I post this to dress the list of missing/desired plugins or features we would like to use on this site.

I have also open a blog post on Elive addicts website administration group blog. (pfff it's a bit long but it's just to take good practices..)

Until this group has forums, we can maybe start on the Elive Addicts Website Administration Group Wire... to keep this place clean

For now:

I really like "Group-feature" the Wire sheet is really appropriated for what we need to do (exept maybe that you cannot edit a post on it, deleting is the only way; configuration needed?)

Group's blogs and Group's forums are also perfect for work!

Friend-system utility? I have to say that it's fun but do we really need it (maybe in some groups ?) At least we need to improve profil then maybe some other interactives possibilities in a way or another perhaps relay it to some other networks/websites?

I also don't think automatic creation of personnal blog is not so good, it can quickly turn into a big mess with incredible number of deserted blog etc...

The import/export utility of blogs can be also useful in case of massive blogs creations/recreations...

I think better is to focus first on groups forums for that, kind of users "tips & tricks" thread and wait for user demand or even moderator attribution?

Polls features should help to query generaly, but also in a group, or even between friends, the feelings, opignons and reactions from the community.

Read you...
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 09, 2009 08:50PM
Actually I dont understand much where the things goes on that website, maybe we need just to tweak/configure it a bit, or maybe we will need to install plugins (you can install external plugins very easy)

About the Wire... I think that should be removed, its more confusing than other thing, looks like a fast way to do the same thing but more limited (no rss, no easy to watch, no comments/edit, etc)... we just need posts and comments to posts, not a wall, we can show the posts in a kind of wall too, the forums im not sure if is useful, maybe remove too... so basically: foo = new post + comments

Question: what is exactly a group for ? i mean... with groups, you can have a list of users that are suscribed to this group but... a group means that has its own sections of everything ? (configurations, user privileges, posts, etc) ? or this is something assigned to the blogs ?

Friends-system: Well, i think that is just nice these features, basically to talk with each others, by any reason, about the external sites i think that should be disabled any "external" relation (maybe only to dev.elivecd.org, but that's other thing for now)

A poll could be nice too, but that's just an extra feature that im sure that there's external plugins for that emosmile

Well, I think that it should work on that way: every group has its own blog where ideas/things are posted and users does comments on it, users should be noticed via emails, users can interact with themselves, users can post new posts (for example: "hey i have made a new background design!"), about forums... i think that should be disabled since its the same thing as a blog and should be confusing and also a way to "divide" things, so we just need an "archive" for the blog so that we can access to specific posts at any time... or there's other better recommendations ?

About the groups, they works on the way that we want ? so every group has its own configurations/blog/users-privileges/etc ? maybe we need to do tests with creating a new "normal user" just like a normal usage of the site, so, suscribe to a group, doing a new post, etc... the website needs to be intuitive for the end-users (about that a group is a GROUP and not a mixed/strange thing), actually i feel a bit like in a maze using the site, or it works just as how we want ?

There's other CMS/website recommendations instead of this one (that does what we want/need) ? or a different way of work ?
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 09, 2009 09:27PM
I think that a big problem of this site are the horizontal links/tabs that says "home, blog, members, groups, forums, blogs", I think that should be entirely removed, why ? because if you click in a group (so, you enter in a group page), the link "blog" for example points to the main blog... this is very confusing! that's not what we want!, aparently we need to use the links of the side-kind-of-menu, since we look the site on this way it has a lot more of sense

Ok i have removed them from the file themes/bp-sn-parent/header.php , i have do a backup... but we should not have these links at all, now the site is thousands more intuitive

The next step I think that should be to remove the wire and the blogs, the wire is useless and confusing, the blog is almost the same thing as the forum, I want to maintain the forum instead of the blog because the forum IS inside the group, not like the blog that looks like somewhere else

This sounds good on that way ?
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 09, 2009 09:35PM
Mmmh, I think that the usability of the blog is only for personal use, so "my blog", not looks like to be a generic blog for a group
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 09, 2009 10:06PM
Very quickly (i start work in 10 min ago!)

I think that one of the wire or the forum must be keeped I explain with a stupid example:
**I want to work on a new configuration interface for elpanel**
I connect on addicts, as a developper I'm already member of dev group and maybe others...
I have a personnal blog where I put my sorfware steps, news etc (and also simply personnal)...
I can start by announcing on my statut what I'm doing, I say it also to the group wire or forum to maybe gain some help... or opignons etc...
I start to work on my side then I finish to code But I still need graphical art so I can ask to the graphic group people (on their wire or forum something accessible by site member but without gruoup member rights)
I ask for graphic art and I make a friend. then we can even exchanges just friend to friend or if there are more people on the project on a wire... My personnal one for example...

I think each can be useful we need the most choose between wire or forum but we have to keep in mind "a little discussion place" and the blog is something more "for long term" like release announces etc...

Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 09, 2009 10:28PM
blogs disabled, with just an admin option :D

wire also disabled for now emosmile

The design of the site can't be changed much... we can change the colors of the headers as like you can see it now, from themes/bp-default/_inc/css/screen.css line 47

Ok, the usability of the site should be a lot better now, feedbacks ?
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 09, 2009 11:39PM
Mermouy: the forum is not removed, only the blog, by other side i dont know what to do with wire... maybe remove, maybe no, the reason is that i dont want to "divide" things, so for example, you are watching the forum activity, then you need to watch the wire activity too ? ok the wire is for "fast things", but looks like we can do this without problems with this type of forum, this forum looks like a "blog" or a "rss" system, so they are sorted by date, a "fast" thread will be forgotten easly
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 10, 2009 07:35AM
First reaction:

I think also wire useless if you see forum like that.

But not blog in that case, I explain: if we use forum in a kind of instant discussion, blog can keep the clarity of something more "structured" with only results of discussions? what do you think?

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Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 10, 2009 07:51AM
Not sure... blogs are basically uni-user, they are linked to users, not groups, there's a plugin for that but not works too well, you can't go to blogs inside groups, so, we can have a lot of blogs that... imagine to need to watch all of them, sounds scary

By other side i dont think that is needed to have "results" of discussions (also, is needed to write the results, the ppl doesn't do that), i think that the groups should just use the forum, so, imaginate: somebody say "there's a new background", then starts a discussion about ideas and things and stuff... the thread finishes when there's nothing more to "talk" about, and we have the results, not needed to have it "published" somewhere, just to have it (depending of which group/work/thing they will be in different places, like the marketing group has everything published "outside" of any elive site)
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 10, 2009 07:54AM
Yes, you make good points!
All devs, though...maybe they don't have their own blog or page?
The "wire" IMO, is PERFECT for (hopefully) quick replies and fast work emosmile
The blogs are not all that much needed, I think.
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 10, 2009 08:09AM
Usability gained a lot !! But if in the next futur if we touch the design a bit (or the one from elivecd) we can also keep them but pointing on elivecd: blog, forums, news etc....?

Is there a problem with the intaggrated RSS link in the address bar, pointing on nothing?

blogs are basically uni-user, they are linked to users, not groups [...] you can't go to blogs inside groups

Are you sure of that? It wasn't my impression... If so for sure it's useless...

About "results": You're right, people doesn't do that, but: (I play devil defenser) At the end of the example where is the background? Somewhere in the last topic's thread or is it just under the "Background categorie" of the graphic team's blog, just after the last one and before the next?...
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 10, 2009 08:46AM
Not an answer just a memo:

List of thinks:

    [*] Are we looking for a collaborative place? For working? For helping? To unify docs and works?
    [*] Accessibility is important so do we thing about internationalisation? If so we maybe have to think about right now before it will be too late!
    [*] For any question we have to keep in mind that: We are making a community website, so we need exchange, visit, updates easy. We're at rss IM and twitter time (even if we don't use it so much right now) so we have to make something easily updatable. (we can imagine, as I test it right now, combo between addicts's rss, tweetfeed and twitter for example. Making a special twitter buddy with each activity on the website!!?? I know, not so much of us use that but I'm discovering this techno and without the direct non-interestings actions of non-interestings bloggers aspect, it can be a really good addicts usage example ....)

Something more just to say it (the devil tongue again):

One of the blog aspect is to be easily updated by more and more desktop applications, email plugins and so, I'm not sure forums can do that...? (Although it's a wordpress forum... emosmile )
I know that you can have a multi user account on tweeter (I know AGAIN! But I really think that Real Time is important aspect... Without talking about referencement...)
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 10, 2009 09:13AM
I just go for a little design test I don't know where to go ? Must I keep the elivecd.org mood?
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 10, 2009 09:19AM
roxville: yes the wire is nice, but the problem is that we have already other thing (forums), so we dont want to watch multiple things at the same time etc... for fast things we can already use the forums too (open a thread of only 2 replys is also good), or just send a private message to other user

Mermouy: About the rss: i dont understand what you mean. About the "background", yes, that's another problem that we need to look about, more exactly we need to play with the site as how it can really work, for example, Marketing team doesn't needs anything (no needs to upload files, etc), designers CAN upload images, include images on their posts (comments supposed to be too, anybody can test this ?), etc... we need to think a bit about how to do these things, coders... where to upload files ? maybe they should better work with these files in dev.elivecd.org ? is there any free service to upload files that doesn't limitations/ads/crap ? maybe use the "google code" service for host files ? suggestions please! emosmile
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 10, 2009 09:27AM
I think that google can offer a lot of services that we can use in a external way, like uploading files, google docs can share docs too... who has not a google account ? :D

internationalization: no, only when a website is bloated of users we need to think on "divide" it on multiple ones (languages), always think that these things like internationalization is equivalent to "divide", imagine 3 forums of elive, spanish, english, french, one user search an answer in the forum... and he don't found it (because is on the french one and he is looking on the spanish). Let's see if we even have a good number of collaborators in a near future emosmile

RSS/twiter/bookmarks/share: all these things are supposed to be in these tons of plugins for wordpress emosmile, maybe we need to look at one for "personal (user) files", but warning: upload things on the server is a very high security problem, even uploading avatars aparently!

For blog, check that how it works the forums right now, it feels really like a blog lol

About realtime, you mean RSS ? it is supposed to be integrated, right ? in the forums, a rss feed in every forum (at least should work on that way)

elivecd.org mod ? no... we need to see the websites like "different websites", we need to recognize them... they just needs to look nice and "elive essence", but that's not the priority thing right now... that's the last thing to do emosmile, a lot of things can change and then we will need to rewrite the look

TODO: I think that this website notify via email, test with a normal user if receives notifications, anything required to configure ?
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 10, 2009 01:03PM
Agree with google and external features usable...

Internationalization: :( I'm so sad... One last try: I really understand about the forum (for example) multilingual problem... But I still think that a wiki base documentation is the way it can grow the quickest... Without insisting (the last try I promise) the anwiki project is really innovative and appropriated I think, did you already get an eye on how it work? I can explain a bit if don't have time to. But keep in mind that it's barely more than a classic wiki to admin and create. It makes all community members, from all country (The biggest one in a couple of day for sure emosmile)
working on the same wiki without any english speaking requirement. (not really true but not so false)

About Rss on my side links are not working exept personnal activity one...

For blogs you're right forum well organised should be enough.

Plugins etc...: Sure there are but where can we have a look on availables plugins, are they all the same as any wordpress or do we have to see in buddypress repo or something? You're the only one with the install plugin access right? I know so well about users exageration we can see with external services aswell with plugins or just adding a link to the service, we just need something fast...

About design: So we have to start talking about that essence it will be a good starting point for addict's website testing/configuration (I know we have time to make it but what about talking about?wink)

For test:

I tried to post this image in graphic users's forum reply then in a new topic as mermouy... Nothing.

I put all markers "on" to be notified as "testeur" as:

And I post as "mermouy" a friend request and a message to testeur who received evething in the second!!! Message content:
Message content for friend request:

testeur email
MerMouY wants to add you as a friend.

To view all of your pending friendship requests: [addicts.elivecd.org]

To view MerMouY's profile: [addicts.elivecd.org]

To disable these notifications please log in and go to: [addicts.elivecd.org]

For the message: the complete message is restitued with a link pointing on the message in addicts inbox, but didn't you know that already? What do you mean by configuration required?

For the group activity however nothing happened but I found In group admin panel an option dedicated to this (on the first page under recent news box) My group one was on "no" I tried to put on "yes" but after saying me that "Group details were successfully updated" the check box is still on "no". Fortunatly testeur received notification of group activity! emosmile That one only include link pointing on group page nothing on content... Perfect I think... Maybe a little bug with the check box?

Also I have a strange message on inbox, just before normal messages there's:
generic notice
This option (me -> messages -> compose -> [ ]This is a notice to all users), should send an email/notice to all the users, please reply me so that i can know who has received this message Close
With close as a link to make it disapear. What does it mean? We cannot answer, or must we respond to admin that's not clear.

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Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 10, 2009 09:26PM
Anwiki looks very good

Internationalization: it requires work/collaboration, i have managed in the past the elivecd.org site in only 3 languages and i dont want to do it again never, its a scary/PITA work, so the internationalization needs to work "nice", for example: if a page contains 3 sentences and only are translated 2, show the third in the original language; we want the real contents of the page even if is in english

The RSS system looks a bit broken, we should:
1) Fix it in the code, looks like the RSS threads are pointing to somewhere incorrect ?
2) Search/Install plugins for that RSS thing
3) I dont think that we are the only ones that has this problem, maybe google has some answers

Plugins: they can be installed from the admin page, they are in the left side, you have a "add new" button so that you can search for plugins and install them directly on the fly!, maybe im the only one that has these privileges ? not sure... you should have the same privileges as me (in teh main site admin part, UPDATE: you are admin now) [addicts.elivecd.org]

Notifications: they works from groups too ? maybe there's a different configuration

Images: I think that there's somewhere in hte admin section that you can say which files you can attach, i only enable the images one, UPDATE: just checked that is enabled, i have enabled videos and music too in order to do tests

The strange message is a feature that i have just tried, instead to send a message to an user you can send a message (named "notice") to ALL the users emosmile, let's spam us lol
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 10, 2009 09:54PM
Interesting plugins:
(remember, you can install them from the admin page, you don't need to do anything manually)

Alternative to RSS ? looks like the RSS is hard to set up, im not sure if we can do it... this is a notification system for forum posts: [dev.commons.gc.cuny.edu]

When you are in a group, you receive a notification when theres a NEW topic: [buglenotes.com] . Note: As you can see on this site (similar at ours), their RSS is also broken, looks like a bug in the site, they has a blog too that looks nice, but see that there's only a "main" and "personal blogs" (which RSS works), there's no "blogs for groups", or in any case they are not intuitive to use so... why we would have something that our users will don't know and dont use ?

Plugin to include attachements in teh forum posts: [teleogistic.net]

Anti-spam system for blogs/forums: [www.bad-behavior.ioerror.us]

WP-DownloadManager: allow us to upload files and to give them to download in the posts, demo: [lesterchan.net] [lesterchan.net] [lesterchan.net]

We have a lot more emosmile

So... the notification system looks like to work without problems, the RSS looks like that we can't set it up correctly, so, we need to fix it, or disable RSS and simply use notifications via emails (like the firsts plugins listed here)
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 11, 2009 12:32AM
I'll have not so much time this week-end...

Internationalization: That's exacly the anwiki works:


Your anwiki is already configured to manage: en, fr and spa:
You post a new page in english because you understand english with this content:

Hi, I'm Thanatermesis and I want to work here because I'm the creator of Elive Linux Distribution!

(bold text in this eample means non-traductable term anwiki in this way wiil not allow users to translate it (name versions etc...).
Anwiki will automagically create same page in fr and spa part of the wiki with exactly same content,
Imagine now mermouy connects on the site: he sees that new page, he knows how to translate it so goes on the fr page and start translation: with this content:

Bonjour, je m'appelle Thanatermesis j'aimerais travailler ici parceque je suis le créateur de la distribution linux: Elive!

(partial translation also work anwiki will indicates if page is translated or 15% translated etc...)

Now imagine you come again see that mermouy translate your sentence, cool, but your edit was just a first shot, so you edit it again..like:

Hi, I'm Thanatermesis and I want to work here because I'm the creator of Elive Linux Distribution! So I have lot of other things to work on. Please do not contact me for shitty things!

Anwiki will update all of page's tanslations to reflect the version of the page... And so will indicates on each version the new sentences in english ready to be translated again! As for fr page example:

Bonjour, je m'appelle Thanatermesis j'aimerais travailler ici parceque je suis le créateur de la distribution linux: Elive! So I have lot of other things to work on. Please do not contact me for shitty things!

More, nay translator can edit instead of translating (that's the second really cool feature of anwiki), still for our example, mermouy comes again and translate the rest of the sentence as:

Bonjour, je m'appelle Thanatermesis j'aimerais travailler ici parceque je suis le créateur de la distribution linux: Elive! J'ai donc d'autres chats à fouetter. Ne me contactez pas pour n'importe quoi!

And then mermouy want to give some precisions and add:

Bonjour, je m'appelle Thanatermesis j'aimerais travailler ici parceque je suis le créateur de la distribution linux: Elive! J'ai donc d'autres chats à fouetter. Ne me contactez pas pour n'importe quoi! Je m'occupe par exemple actuellement du nouveau site des utilisateurs d'Elive

Anwiki will create in en as in any other language something like:

Hi, I'm Thanatermesis and I want to work here because I'm the creator of Elive Linux Distribution! So I have lot of other things to work on. Please do not contact me for shitty things! Je m'occupe par exemple actuellement du nouveau site des utilisateurs d'Elive

And mark it as non 100% translated (even if it was the original version)
Of course in all of these languages, each language is hightlightened in a different color to see it directly, also there're several integrated tools like diff tool, import and export fonctions etc...

Plugins etc: I don't find the plugin install place I just have the installed link am i on the good dashboard?

For rss : So we must have a look for plugin doing that I think...

Ok for notice BUT: who can do that?

image etc upload : I'll test it later...

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Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 11, 2009 01:14AM
Anwiki: Looks VERY good, the best thing that i have see so far since now it was the babelfish plugin for joomla, but this looks even better emosmile. Good to know, maybe for a future usage, actually i dont know where we can use it, the elivecd.org site will need internationalization (yes because there's contents, there's no "dividing ppl"), but elivecd.org runs on a modx cms, and there's no such good plugins for internationalization actually

Plugins: you should have "add new" too after the "installed" button, looks like only me has it lol

RSS: I have said that not looks like to exist a possibility for RSS because i have search all the plugins about RSS and there's nothing useful for that

Notice: i have it as option when sending a message to a friend, there's a checkbox that says "send it to all the users" or something like that
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 11, 2009 03:35AM
hey I haven't seen this before this can be a link to integrate in a "general menu" maybe cause he's not so easy to find I think...

Ok I found a rss link working simply here for all wide site activity

For test I created eliveaddicts @t gmail.com, a eliveaddicts twitter account (twitter users: follow it for all addicts website's updates) and to relay them a rss2twitter account.

Let's see if it works...

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 12/11/2009 04:52AM by Mermouy.
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 11, 2009 05:50AM
main forums page: yes it looks very nice, i dont know how we can use it... maybe set this one as "default (main) homepage" ? but we need then other widgets too like the "groups" one and the members one that is nice emosmile

RSS-wide-activity: nah... that's not useful, it just contains the new pages created, i think that doesn't include forums thread at all and also, we dont want a generic one, we need to watch by rss "our favorite groups", so we don't want to receive "marketing" notifications if we are a designer emosmile

twitter: sincerely, i have never used twitter, i dont even know what twitter is for (lol) emosmile

Right now im not looking on the addicts website, im just busy with some E coding emosmile, but i will watch this forum thread from time to time to see if there's anything to made, hum... let me give you the admin password account so that you can play with installing plugins if you need that wink
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 12, 2009 02:54AM
Blogs: I'm thinkin that is a good idea to (re)enable blogs for personal use, so, "own blogs", where the users can post "their works" or use it for a simple blog, its a good way to list "the works of a specific user", by other side, enabling blogs for personal use will RAISE the motivation to the users to use this site, finally... who don't want to have a nice blog in the elive site ? :D even me! nod

RSS: First of all we need to think in one single question: "for what we should want to have a RSS?", or more exactly, for what the ppl will want to read things from that rss ? first of all: to maintain a 'trace' about the activity on the site, and to be informed about new things. Some of these things can be covered with the Blog thing (which the RSS works), by other side, be informed about new things can be covered with the "group blog" thing which will contain "only results" as you have previously say before, Mermouy, is a job of each team to have a nice and updated blog, if not... that group is not sufficient active and so no worth to anything

Small question: We should invite all the "collaborators" to use this website or we should invite everybody ? the problem is simple: we dont want lots of desert users/groups/blogs by inviting everybody, but we also don't want to have a totally unactive website, and I think that we are not really a big thousand of ppl that will bloat the server up with activity on the site xD
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 12, 2009 09:00PM
Blogs & Small Question:I'm agree with this, but not sure to let it default enabled I'm still thinking more something simply like a link for the user to ask for, and giving us possibility to invite everybody no? As I see we have choice between "Only user account can be created." and "Only logged in users can create new blogs." but I don't get the difference between them, do you?

RSS: For me, as I'm a big rss user happy and site admin: I would like a general wide activity one but it's seems compromised, a "my groups" one should be interesting for all users aswell but same problem, we can effectively use group by group's blogs but I will not be avertised about forums activity?. If we enable blogs, as admin I would like a "general blogs activity" and of course for users, one on each blogs as we can follow the ones we like.

Admin: Should we not better create a new admin account instead of using same? I mean we risk some login problems? Can you connect if I'm already admin logged in?

Edit:I put mermouy as an administrator account as you can keep admin access for your own...

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 12/12/2009 09:11PM by Mermouy.
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 12, 2009 11:25PM
i have give you the admin login so that you can install plugins, i have already set you as admin before but aparently you can't install plugins if im not wrong

general wide activity (rss) looks like to be broken, but on the links that i have post on some forum about others buddypress websites, one of them i have see that it works!

general blogs activity ? you mean to see all the blogs in a single rss ? not looks very possible, maybe there's a plugin for that but i dont think so, you should keep a track of all the blogs RSS one by one and/or watch another kind of rss (blog of group, or rss for wide activity (but is broken there))
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 13, 2009 04:17AM
* Added a todo list plugin... Useful?
* Groupblogs re-activated, as we said: It's the job of each team to have a nice and updated blog, if not... that group is not sufficient active and so no worth to anything Grour forum subcription enabled
* Tweeter account linking added (twitter users updates your details in yours settings ) Aparently it post automatically every blog post on your twitter account, Same for personnal wire I think? I don't know well yet what else (I think almost everything including addicts website status update, more tests later)... You can also (recommended) create a group twitter account witch will tweet only group activity... TODO: create widget for each account to be followed
* Blog client editing enabled anyone using such client to test?
* SEO support added but not yet configured (TODO)...
* added automatic group forum subscription by default
* Added forum attachement plugin not tested yet.
* Added group external rss on blog allowing blog to be udated also with external rss... To be tested... Useful?

I've reorganise general frontpage, general blog pages and translation blog pages feedbacks?

Some Ideas:
* What do you think of this?cry , Yeah I know, I know I've promised...
* And about That or a complete openid login?
* Maybe also looking at this for speed-up feature possibilities
* Design can this be useful?

Do we need analytics on this site?

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Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 14, 2009 05:41AM
Sometimes there are people who have an idea for elive but keep it to themselves because they see they have to sign up. Why not one where you enter a captcha and toss the idea in, even if you don't have an account?

Say for example only, somebody says, I wish elive could upgrade-in-place (example only). But then he comes here and finds, oh I have to be a member. It could discourage him from suggesting any more ideas. So why not have a one time thing, he fills out the captcha (I've seen some sites where it's a question like: "what comes next: one two three ____ " and not a visual captcha) and the collaborators could flesh it out or reject or keep in mind.

Who knows he could return to some page and see if it was voted in or out.

Some of the things in e17-stuff.org (see brainstorming) turn into real projects like the tray--but to be honest I don't know if that came from the brainstorm or was planned all along
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 14, 2009 06:10AM
You're right we need an open place where anonymous (or almost) users can post, I agree. I think we can look at wire system for that. And maybe create a special group for it.
I'll have a look at possibilities...

I Think we need that "open group" (maybe one you're in by default?) in any case at least for interactions between groups because until now I found nothing for... I was thinking about finding a way to integrate a multi-user google wave account??? If so, that should also be accompanied by google account auto login no?

Thanks for suggestions...
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 14, 2009 06:47AM
anonymous is VERY spam-prone, if a user is lazy to set up a simple account then he's not sufficient addict mwahaha
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 14, 2009 06:50AM
I have a better solution emosmile, to show 2 options, one saying "create an account in order to do posts at anytime" and the second says "what does 25 / 5 + 1 - 4 + 3 * 3 / 2 ?", then the user will think "ok ok... i will create an account" laugh
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 14, 2009 03:39PM
I also think complete anonymous is not good, i look for a solution for that, what do you think of an openid identification process? Most of us have one now haven't we?
It will make easier registration for users BUT we cannot permit in that way auto blog creation (for tests time, I've disabled self blog creation...)
It will also simplify our group's interaction problem (I'm still talking about finding a way to integrate google wave)

RSS: Finally I found that only the wide site activity rss link is broken... Every others like blogs seem workingemosmile


Installed Wide Site (available for all blogs i think):
Added communities widgets like last.fm, twitter, and 3d tag cloud... A bit gadgets but...
Added Polls plugin
Added link and categories ordering plugin
Anti spam not tested and comment are on:
Comment author must fill out name and e-mail and Comment author must have a previously approved comment

Added google wave integrator You can display a wave within your content. Test realised with preview wave only (see mermouy blog to see most of plugins result. That one is on a unic page called wave without) I know there's also possibility to display sandbox ones which interest us much more.

Edited 2 time(s). Last edit at 12/14/2009 04:24PM by Mermouy.
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 14, 2009 05:04PM
openid identification ? i dont think that everybody has one... is the first time that i hear this name lol UPDATE: i think that is basically the same that create an account on elive, by other side, we dont have control over those accounts and that is not good

analitics ? no, don't needed, and the best analitics is the wide wall :D

Well, what are the final feedbacks of the site ? are the site useful and fits our needs ? i think that yes, what do you* think ? is there anything required for the site that we don't have ? it is ready to set it up and announce it ? (we should do a new clean install or its ok with this one ?)
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 14, 2009 07:37PM
Off-Topic: I have started a rewards idea in [dev.elivecd.org]
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 15, 2009 06:46AM
About Openid, every one or at least most of us have already one considering that gmail's account is a valid openid account. I think about it because of the wave stuff, if we plan to use google wave and/or documents or any of google's services, it's already include (or almost, wave is still in beta invite mode but for each guest has 25 invitations to send so...)

About website release: I think also it is good for our needs almost in the state we have it now. BUT I think there're still some work before official announcement (althouth it's not a so big secret until now...) at least we have to write some basic pages, for welcoming and link to how this website is working and what it can do/allow you to do... Few example pages and somes like a "Root Essences, Mood And Feel of Elive" one? And of course a personnalised design, temporary one at least if no graphic css pro is available for now...

Decision which have to be taken before:

*on personnal blogs automatic creation?
*Login & anonymous & spam stuff?
*Register: what to ask to users? Age? Height? Foot smelling?

What's new this night?

Plugins & features:
    [*] Added a redirection to the user profile after login for better user experience
    [*] Maybe the to-do plugin is too limited? See for another one?
    [*] Added a limitation on new user registration to defaultly allow new members to join only one predefined group & blog: The website administration one for now which I've taken for default & open one...?
    [*] Google Wave integration seems ok do we use that?
    [*} Added new widget to display site wide activity with more parameters
    [*] Added plugin to upload pictures to your album and post wire messages on pictures.
    [*] Starting to write some articles on my personnal blog for filling it up a bit... and start it and that's it... (@Thanatermesis I think the actual install is clean enought to run it, I will make a backup and a memo of configuration & plugins if you really want to re-install)
    [*] User can only register, and suscribe to website administrator group & blog not creating his blog himself. He will have to ask? For that i modify first message send to:
    Dear User,

    Your new account is set up.

    You can log in with the following information:
    Username: USERNAME
    Password: PASSWORD

    As Elive's Addicts Website is an innovative collaborative tool, you may write your own Elive blog here and share your knowledge with others... Just ask for your blog on the <a href="SITE_URL/groups/website-administration/wire/">Website Administration Wire</a>.

    [*] Removed Polls plugin 3 differents tried no one working!!! Will look later...

Ps: I have to move for 3 or 4 days from tomorrow evening. I think I can write a addicts website first steps for next monday (kind of tuto talking about how website works, what you can do etc...)

And about the reward thing, just a note: I only listen the startup sound in live version, not in the installed one is it normal? For instance is it run by .elsxt or Enlightenment module as I understood?

Edited 3 time(s). Last edit at 12/15/2009 02:59PM by Mermouy.
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 15, 2009 09:09PM
not automatic creation for blogs, the users should set their own blogs if they want to have them, so they can also have multiple blogs, but is possible that some users will don't want to have a blog

anonymous: i dont like the anonymous idea, there's thousands of thousands of sp4m bots, we need to make strict anti-sp4m rules in order to not be flo0ded of sp4m and specially, h4cking att4cks. By other side, i dont think that an anonymous post is worth to use that website, create an account is not that hard, if the user really want it... emosmile

PS1: google wave: i dont think that we should use it, first of all is experimental and not finished, google has a lot very good free tools but i like also to not be very dependent of google, so, using my own websites for everything
PS2: yes, it is normal, it was something like a "non finished feature" for very long time ago, BUT it is finished now emosmile, you will found it on the next build, or just install the emodule-startupsound package :D
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 15, 2009 09:17PM
Register questions: I think that a good set of information that we can have is just like the Collaborators page of the elivecd.org site, so, the details of their knowledges, maybe some more extra info like how much free time he has, how much want to be involved, etc... yes, we need to make a good list

limitation on new users registration: to only post on one default group ? mmh, not sounds very good, what is this limitation for ? when will be raised ? think that some users may got tired aobut this stuff and just go out of the site emosmile, just like others that will not understand the site (since can't do anything on other groups) and then dont use it

plugin for images: this one is nice emosmile specially for designers, what about to attach files thing ? i think that i have see a very good plugin for that... can you try it ? it is listed on this forum on a old post with some interesting plugins, or it was on the addicts website ? i dont remember now...

so the users can't create blogs ? what they needs to do in order to create them ?

PS1: dont worry if you need to move, this website is not something urgent emosmile we can continue even the next year (lol)
PS2: now it runs from an e17 module, not .elxstrt anymore, .elxstrt is just saved for compatibility reasons but we are not going to use it *really* much anymore, so more clean and better emosmile
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 16, 2009 01:53AM

About anonymous, I think the actual setup is something the more open we can setup without too much sp4m risks:
Wire comments are open to everybody but first comment need to be approve (all of this need some more tests)...

About users, conf is set on users can only register in-between the "on registration process" only on these groups (it can be more also, of course), once logged, they can surf the website and ask for new rights in the groups they want. (keep in mind that they can always use the "wire thing" which is still, in each group, exept hidden ones, an "open place"; keep also in mind that once logged the user can sign in every group for which the administrator of the group has decide to make his group "available" (I mean without approvation need), this way each group admin keep his rights to set own privacy/registering as he want...).

For user blog creation I was thinking about making them asking for on the website administration wire or make a special group with only admin members for that (my idea of making a kind of tutorial for using the site would be there also, as discussions about the site himself as we do until now...)?

About google wave, well maybe i'm too entousiastic with this but it looks very appropriated, Maybe can we keep the possibility for users who want to integrate it...?

Release: I was wondering a sylvester inauguration what do you think? (It's a nice date to remember BUT not so much people reading news and forum at this moment of the year...)

PS2: Yeah well understood emodule already installed...

Ciao read ya in 2 or 3 days...
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 16, 2009 02:45AM
first comment is ALSO dangerous, this website has received a lot of spam attacks and now has: banned words (useless to try to post SOMETHING spamming where SOMETHING is a banned word... what you will announce then for spam ? flowers?), captcha ALWAYS, extra security things anti-bot spams. It has received hacking attacks too, and I have EVEN SEE spams that has created manually and filling up the captcha's in order to spam, so is not very hard to setup a "good" first post and then start spamming... even if that's not very current emosmile

blogs: and... we have a control about that blog creation thing ? remember also that i dont want to lost time by maintaing the site, i dont have even time to read the BTS of elive! lol

google wave: is there a link of something installed that we can try on the addicts website ?

if there's not much ppl reading news better to wait to a better date then, see that i try to release fridays just because that wink

see you soon
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 19, 2009 09:20PM
POSTING FROM A MAC!!! (sorry, not at home)
Quicky here you can see/edit my wave integrated in a "blog page" (kind of static pages) on my personnal addicts blog.
I don't know if it's always accessible or if I need to be connected...?
About Users Blogs, I don't know very well how we can keep control on it (I mean I don't know if users can desactivate security plugins, bots etc...
Plugins for openid authentification seems not work...

EDIT: Added a plugin for setting a maximum number of blog per user, set to one...
Added a plugin "related posts". Need apparently an "on filesystem" operation thana please. (see on the related post plugin settings)

Edited 2 time(s). Last edit at 12/21/2009 09:58AM by Mermouy.
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 23, 2009 02:31PM
I've tested almost all buddypress compatible themes but the best integration is with the default one, unfortunately it is a bit hard to personnalise. What do you think should we work on that one or try to find a simpler one do we have a css "pro" in the Elive Audience?

For wave we can also maybe look at this.

About Blogs I added a plugin for setting a maximum number of blog per user, set to one... Futhermore apparently an entire blog can be marked as a spam one and then eventually closed, at least temporarly waiting for blog owner to clean it.
For now, unregistered users can only vote on poll (I found one working!)and register of course.

Added a plugin to automatically fetch some articles from other blogs/rss (admins only) this way for example the elivecd.org/feed-news post in "release" category of the main blog and the elivecd.org/feed-blog in "Official Elive Blog" category of the main blog. (I on testing this it looks a bit strange, i don't really get the "cron" job stuff.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 12/23/2009 02:46PM by Mermouy.
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 23, 2009 06:26PM
I don't see correctly the wave thing, does it works ?

I think that blogs should be opened to create from everybody, first of all, we don't have a control over it, and also, it is not 'bad' that the users will abuse of it, abusing of a blog means a lot of activity and that is good, no ?

I don't like the idea of openid or external-id's systems, if anybody wants anything, just create an account, is not THAT hard emosmile, and if is hard, then go use ubuntu emosmile. It is also a big problem about security, is like an open random hole.

> Added a plugin for setting a maximum number of blog per user, set to one...

This sounds good for me emosmile

What i need to do with the "related posts" plugin ? i dont found anything... btw, it is good to test any kind of plugin but when we have finished we need to make the selection of only the important/good ones, think that more plugins is equivalent to a more slow/bloated website, also, it open doors for new bugs or security problems

How 'fast' is the website right now ?


Yes I think that to use the default theme is a good idea, see that I have only hacked it, we can change the look of it without problems, but this requires some CSS knowledge, I have changed the colors and removed some useless and confusing links. By other side, maybe we don't need to lost much time on that, I mean, the site not looks bad right now, maybe this is a job for the (future) designers team to do from this website, that's the idea finally, no ? emosmile

Elive website has 3 RSS feeds, one for news and one for blogs, the third one is the "main" one and contain boths
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 25, 2009 03:59AM
Wave: The plugin was working well a few time but now is buggy (not repecting page height) so plugin removed... (maybe we have to wait until an update)

Automatic blog post downloader removed due to bug in fetching: fetching same posts each time... :(
Added instead plugin named External Group Blogs which allow group creators to supply external blog RSS feeds that will attach future posts on blogs to a group.(currently testing that)

Related posts plugin replaced with other one not asking for any code modifications... You don't need to do anything...

Self Blog creation re-enabled... Still limited to one per user...

Plugins directory cleaned (maybe you can have a look to the physical directory and look for badly cleaned plugins?

About theme : I completly agree with you exept on the

removed some useless and confusing links
stuff, I really think we need these links, for browsing logic. Because it is not so easy to browse main blog and main forum parts... I don't remember well but I think at least links like "blog", "forum", "blogs" should appear... What were the other ones?

About website speed: I can't really test this as my conection quality is soooo poor...
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 27, 2009 03:33AM
A quick plugins summary with my opinion on it (to be discuss of course):


* Group Forum Subscripton for BuddyPress: Gives users the ability to subscribe to email notifications of discussion activity in their groups == Needed

* BP-SEO: Seo for buddypress == Needed altrough i don't know well how to use it...

* WP-SpamFree: An extremely powerful anti-spam plugin that virtually eliminates comment spam. Finally, you can enjoy a spam-free WordPress blog! Includes spam-free contact form feature as well. == Difficult to test it right now but it's preferable to let it enable...

* Google XML Sitemaps: This plugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask.com to better index your blog. == System plugin helping referencement with instant ping, needed i think...

* SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam: Adds CAPTCHA anti-spam methods to WordPress on the comment form, registration form, login, or all. This prevents spam from automated bots. Also is WPMU and BuddyPress compatible == System plugin to avoid robots accounts, needed.

* Limit Blogs per User: == Needed as discuss in previous post.

* WP Super Cache: Very fast caching plugin for WordPress. == Still admin file editing needed to test. We do not need this right now but when we will have millions of users.... emosmile

* WP Widget CacheCache the output of your blog widgets. Usually it will significantly reduce the sql queries to your database and speed up your site. == To test, ideal companion of WP Super Cache. Same comment as before...


* todo-pluginLets you create and manage a todo list. == Sure we need something like that, but I think that one is a bit "light", going to find something else, maybe external calendar/todo app like gqueues?

* Forum Attachments for BuddyPressGives members the ability to upload attachments on their posts. == Not tested yet but should work... Deactivated, does not work!

* last.fm Live!Displays recently played tracks from a last.fm account in a widget, along with the currently playing track live in realtime. == This as others widgets can significally make growing the website load time, because it fetch informations from others sites, but user choose to enable it or not...

* WP-Cumulus: Flash based Tag Cloud for WordPress == Just an eyecandy tag cloud widget... Optionnally used but really nicer (I think)... The classic tag cloud is still available...

* My Link Order & My Category Order: allows you to set the order in which categories/links will appear in the sidebar. Uses a drag and drop interface for ordering. Adds a widget with additional options for easy installation on widgetized themes. == To have better presentations & classifications, should'nt take so much ressources...? Really optionnal...

* WordPress Related Posts: Generate a related posts list via tags of WordPress == Useful widget I think. Optionnal

* WPMU Custom CSS: WPMU Custom CSS is a plugin for wordpress mu that helps bloggers to change their theme style securely. Just like wordpress.com custom css paid upgrade. == Allow a bit of individuallity. Optionnal.

* TweetPost: Integrates your wordpress blog with your twitter account, automatically posting to twitter when a new post is made on your blog == To make addicts.elivecd.org post to twitter account available for whole website, as for groups, as for users... (for example I've created an account for: the whole website activity @eliveaddicts , my groups activity @elivetrans for translation group and @eliveadm for website admin group, and I enter, on my personnal blog my @mermouy account of course...)

* Twitter Widget Pro: A widget that properly handles twitter feeds, including @username, #hashtag, and link parsing. It can even display profile images for the users. == Simple Twitter widget to integrate tweets and allow users to follow accounts on twitter (already configured on whole site frontpage for whole website activity and on blogs for which I'm admin)

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Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 28, 2009 01:41AM
An update or better to wait that 'wave' becomes more used/finished/stable

PS: Tell me when you think that is 'ready' for a final use, so that I will create a new user and see what I feel with the website (specially since there's a while that i have not enter/used it)

badly cleaned plugins ? mmh, i think that the better for that will be to create a list of 'what' we have installed and what we need, then, do a new and clean install, updated, etc... specially because also, there's a lot of new tables created with the plugins, we can't know them in a easy way and is a bit ugly to maintain them. To do a new and clean install will be not 'that' hard I think, after to know what we want to use and to have been familiarized with the website

template links: I think that the "blogs" and "groups" are useful, but the "blog" and "group" (single) are the very confusing ones... anyways, I think that we can have some of them, by other side, the other (and unique) official template has NOT these links too, if im not wrong.
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 28, 2009 02:01AM
Discussion of plugins:

SEO*: Im not sure that we need SEO, that's for to have results in google basically, and I don't think that we really want that, also, this can show more this website to random ppl in internet, we want only elive users by a lot of reasons (like resources). That's not the same case as a forum where is useful to have results in google (answers to questions)

All the antispam plugins are more than welcome emosmile

WP Super Cache: Note: this may be the cause of that RSS problem that you got in your previous post there about blog rss or something like that, yes, sounds like a cache problem, have you tried without it ? (or 'WP Widget Cache' maybe too)

todo-plugin: Note: I just tried the other day a very nice todo website just after to write a module reward... that does just exactly what i have expected :D, i have installed it on my computer for personal use, made a look to the DEMO and features wink [www.mytinytodo.net] . About addicts, yes, is nice a similar plugin, maybe a light one is good, so that the other things can be managed from the phorums or even better in Trac tickets (dev.elivecd.org)

attachements: warning: they are the highest security (hack/spam/etc) problems in websites

last.fm or similar plugins: i dont think that they are useful at all, basically, we need to maintain the focus of the website, if anybody wants last.fm plugins or similar things, they can do it by own applications running on his computer, or even by a specific tab on his firefox for that (different website)

At the same side, we don't need to include very "third-party" plugins that will overload the server for nothing, like the links-sort thing

flash cloud: yes, is nice emosmile

For the other ones that i have not say anything, I think that's OK emosmile
Re: New Website: Collaborators
December 28, 2009 02:07AM

It is very important to be "noticed" when there's something on the website, for example, I can forget to enter in the website for a few weeks, but somebody has send me a message and is waiting my feedback, I think that is very important to have by default all (or the important ones) notifications enabled, that can be configured by the user if want it
Re: New Website: Collaborators
January 04, 2010 02:11AM
I agree, a new clean installation before "going real" must be.

PS: About that new installation maybe best is to wait for buddypress 1.2 release which announce more interactions possibilities in a kind of "twitter way"...

So about release date it can easily be on march 1st maybe? Buddypress annouce their release soon, if it can be on late january days or early february days we have almost a month to get it up and running.

About links: Yes the blogs and groups are useful, but blog and group must be accessible too, in another menu for sure and maybe renamed in something speaky like "Main Blog" and "$NAME OF THE GROUP"?

About todo: Really not sure about this plugin utility, but mytinytodo looks great, it can maybe simply integrated in a read-only way by an Iframe?

Also not sure about seo but we need at least to be well referenced I think, me, for example, i would like to write helps topics and completes howtos, these should also arrive in good result position what do you think? I plan about a complete "help group" and a "website help group" as started on the test site, have a look at this post to illustrate. I put a "to-have" wordpress plugin which ping majors search engines each time a new article is posted, it will be largely enough.

No links between super cache and rss, it was'nt there at first times...

I agree with the "attachement problem" but our users will really need to send their screenshots/stage-work... Other way to think about that? External services? confused

Lastfm widget for example does not play any music but only display your last 10 tracks you listen to it makes a kind of link saying "I like this music". The thing is only to "join" other social networks members also use. I was taking lastfm as example, as Elive seems to love Music... Of course, we don't need all of existing social networks... ohmygod

PS EDIT: Yes the website is already slow isn't it?

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Re: New Website: Collaborators
January 07, 2010 03:36AM
Just a silly idea:

I don't know how difficult it can be and I can imagine elive team has better things to do but, it would be really nice to have a Emodule or standalone application or a forked one (as eltrans) to post directly from our desktop to Addicts's website with maybe kind of automatic account creation (all accounts needed to have a full addicts experience, I mean with creation of accounts with services we choose to use with addicts website, if we decide so)


Some of my websites:
Communautary website idea: [teams.elivecd.org]
Personnal website: [perso.youm.org]
Rwanda, french community: [rwandaises.fr]
YouM's streeshow: [youm.org]
Re: New Website: Collaborators
February 01, 2010 09:16PM
MerMouY, i need to contact you emosmile, where I can found you ? can you enter in the IRC ?
Re: New Website: Collaborators
November 16, 2011 08:26PM
Is there people familiar with the Wordpress API ? emosmile
Re: New Website: Collaborators
February 29, 2012 03:18AM
I do not have any coding skills.
I have a lot of friends agound the globe, and am willing to post ads where I can.
I also enjoy offering help in IRC.
Re: New Website: Collaborators
February 29, 2012 03:04PM
Good emosmile we will see soon in the IRC channel
Re: New Website: Collaborators
March 15, 2012 04:06AM
nice to see some news.
I can help in promotion, and i can also write article in french.
Re: New Website: Collaborators
November 06, 2014 06:23PM
New forum website candidate: [forum.elivecd.org]
Re: New Website: Collaborators
November 12, 2016 05:15AM
Again with the collaborators website topic, now looking to a better candidate than the redmine that I tried some time ago: [www.openproject.org]