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¡¡ Some instructions for Elive !!

Posted by Agust 
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¡¡ Some instructions for Elive !!
June 22, 2010 09:58PM
It has seemed me interesting to put this forum .

I have recently noticed that the users with poor knowledge's of gnu/linux (in other words, that never has tried it), doesn't know How to boot Elive in their computers, so this is why i have added a new entry in the Howto's section with the instructions about how to boot your computer with Elive. It is meant to perfectly explained everything so that anybody be able to run Elive on his computer, you are welcome to suggest anything to add anything on it by simply sending me an email.

The idea still the same, that any kind of user be able to use Elive, without previous knowledge about gnu/linux or other things, if you know other things that needs to be more easy for a new end-user, you can suggest me it by for example reporting it as feature request in the BTS (bugs) website.

I profite also this entry to say that the development of Elive continues, of course, I say that because there's a lot of people in the IRC channel that doesn't see me anymore on it, the reason is simple: IRC takes a lot of time and i prefer to use this time for develop Elive, IRC makes me to lost a lot of time, so I don't expect to return really much on the IRC for now emosmile. If you don't see any update recently is just because im rewriting ALL my personal tools, ways of work, automations, more stable and controled processes... everything, even my new Home structure system that is basically finished. I will try to finish these things as soon as possible and do an update of the actual Topaz version with minor fixes, and starting to work in the new kernel and updating all the packages, I can't say any date, just that ASAP emosmile

Have a nice day!

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Re: ¡¡ Some instructions for Elive !!
June 24, 2010 04:05AM
Great news, thanks for the update!