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Anti-spam in the forum NEWS

Posted by Thanatermesis 
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Anti-spam in the forum NEWS
December 02, 2012 10:58PM
Hi all!

I just installed a different type of anti-spam system, we need just to use an optimal plugin anti-spam in order to avoid it, I just have not much time to look on it emosmile

The new plugin is installed, instead of a captcha it requires to solve a puzzle, please tell me if you see anything wrong it, like "its painful to solve the puzzle everytime a post is made" or other problems.

There's also another plugin installed which blocks in a better way the spam users (we can't use fire right now), by not allowing them to login, to post, and specially: to remove all their posts (a feature VERY lacking on this forum), which deletes all their spam in one shot :P

I found these plugins from that list, maybe you found another interesting one ? :D (i dont have much time to look at them wink [www.phorum.org]

Some of you are "moderators", this means that you can delete spammed posts and similar things, if you are not, just click in the "report" for that we can do it clap

If you feel motivated, you can browse a bit the forum in order to delete old spammed posts boogie boogie boogie boogie boogie boogie boogie
Re: Anti-spam in the forum NEWS
December 02, 2012 11:04PM
For moderators: when you see a spam you can click in the user, this sends you to his profile where you have the option "block the user", allowing you options like remove their posts... please tell me if this not works for you (maybe moderator is not enough and is only admins can do that, on this case the user needs to be reported to an admin for do it)
Re: Anti-spam in the forum NEWS
December 02, 2012 11:27PM
That "massive deletion" feature is very good, i just removed around 40 spammed posts by just deactivating + delete-his-posts of around 6 or 7 spam users, if you found more of them... report! :D clap
Re: Anti-spam in the forum NEWS
December 03, 2012 02:34AM
Wowww , fantastic!!!! works fine thanks.clap


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