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New FORUM website

Posted by Thanatermesis 
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New FORUM website
November 06, 2014 06:20PM
I really like this forum website, but... Is old and I found that should be better if we move to another one, newer and better, improved technology.

These are the main reasons:

    - users should not require to create (register) accounts, this is (in these days) a boring step to push users to not use it
    - it needs to be more userfriendly, less steps, more active, less captchas and more automated
    - you can see a ton of features (reasons) on the candidate section, which is also based on ruby so that could be easy to create powerful plugins/needs on it

Now the BAD things about moving to another forum system:

    - this forum is some kinda nice and with some personality, don't you think? emosmile
    - we will lose all our threads, of course (by other side we could keep a copy of this forum online and active, but will be not the primary one)

And the Candidate is... [www.discourse.org]

Try it! and give some feedback here emosmile

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Re: New FORUM website
November 06, 2014 07:57PM
Many years in this forum !! It is part of the history of Elive.


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Re: New FORUM website
November 06, 2014 08:05PM
Yeah, I agree, but we cannot import the old threads here , we can only have 2 forums websites, one for the old forum which is this one and another for the new one, I can of course include references of "if you want to go to the old forum..." in different specific locations, even in the new forum
Re: New FORUM website
July 09, 2017 03:07AM
tried to leave a post but the cracks around me booted me before had a chance to post
anyways old school enlightenment fanatic from late 90's been a many of years since toyed around with enlightenment usually go through a lot of distros focusing only on google chrome and frostwire located a frostwire that installed from deb org site by lenny installed ok very old frostwire so not sure loads ok till trying to connect then floods connection error where you have to right click top and windows kill all to keep from flooding on connection error if figure it out will come back and post have a great day all
Re: New FORUM website
May 29, 2018 11:50AM
:news: CHANGES in the forum:

This forum is too good, personal and funny to be replaced, so! We will going to still use this one! happy dance

* Spam has been cleaned up, special thanks to John @zbd and Larry De Coste
* Forum has been upgraded to last version, some improved configurations too
* Restructured contents (moved very old posts to old section, added new clean ones, saved some interesting ones)
* Emojis: some old ones has been removed, and there's also new ones! boogie

Note: the new emojis has some funny triggers, for example if you say imp4tient it will show impatient, making our convos more funnier! :D

New emojis demo:

:news: music happy coding excited impatient studying 1up happy dance furrydance surprise omgomgomg madness hooray popcorn :| nanana
Re: New FORUM website
May 30, 2018 03:50AM
hello world!