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Macbook Santa Rosa

Posted by Charles 
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Macbook Santa Rosa
January 10, 2008 05:43AM
Hi there!

I just buy a new Macbook Black 2.2ghz, the new model that look just like the previous version but with completely different hardware inside!

The new Macbook now use the intel santa rosa plateform.
Basicly that mean some extra performance but also the its going to be a pain to run linux on it!

If you plan to buy a new macbook you shoud think about getting a previous-gen rebuild unless you are brave like me LOL... less expensive with a more linux friend hardware. On the long run i guess that the hardware support for the plateform is going to be better but the broadcom wifi chipset is not going to run fine anytime soon without ndiswapper..

So here is my try with the macbook elive-cd:

X11 don't want to run, the new Intel x1300 have serval issue with linux and the pre-config (gma 950?) driver don't work well with this card.

then, when you get to the terminal... the apple touchpad driver spam.

On my debian install here is what i did:

Seem like the new apple touchpad is not compatible with the old driver.. there is a kernel patch floating around that somewhat fix that (and the FN key) but then, the xorg.conf configuration don't work well.. i'm not sure what's going here but the touchpad dont work well LOL

Wifi work with ndiswrapper... find a "broadcom 4328" windows driver and load it the usual way! the bcm43xx native driver dont suport 4328 right now.. but mac are popular we may expect... on day.. maybe a driver (with injection please!!)

there is a sound detection trouble with the kernel but its supported.. sound is not important for me under linux but its easy to fix. I'm just going to wait for a corrected kernel instead. (I'm so lazy!!)

any of you around have tried to run E17 with under the native osx kernel? here macports dont want to compile... there is any tutorial and\or pre-compiled e17 for darwin?

ohh btw, thx for this AMAZING project!! the best E distro around! Merci beaucoup j'adore!
Re: Macbook Santa Rosa
January 14, 2008 08:46AM
Hi, I'm new in Linux and Mac, but very old Japanese.
I bougtht a new MacBook with new 2.2GHz Santa Rosa.
After small donation sent I made "elive-macbook-unstable-b14.iso " as a LiveCD, and boot a Makbook by a LiveCD.
Unfortunately while booting, it was happened many lines of "applesmc:wait status failed c!=8" appeared on the black screen.
No log on screen appeared, then I pressed power button for ejecting a LiveCD.

Dose "elive-macbook-unstable-b14" support new Macbook? Is there any advice for me.
Thank you,
Deko hmmmm hmmmm
Re: Macbook Santa Rosa
February 28, 2008 05:08PM
The Santa Rosa chipset from intel is a completely new platform.

First this mean that preconfigured driver include in the macbook edition of elive are matching the hardware of your mac.

Second, Santa Rosa chipset support is something relatively new to linux world and as usual linux need time to adapt becose most of the time hardware supplier dont considere linux as an important market.

Also, Apple are usually not Linux friendly... they shoud but true is that they do just as microsoft and act like linux just dont exist.

Wait a few month. Mac are very popular and linux support usually come fast from community!

Until then you can get VMware-fusion and run guest OS within... you can get pre-installed VMware image of elive.

So far this is my best laptop ever!
Re: Macbook Santa Rosa
March 03, 2008 09:59PM
The santa rosa version is not really supported by this version of Elive

'Elive for macbooks' are going to be merged in the normal versions of Elive :P , so, better to try the next (1.6) development version, it is supposed to work better for Santa Rosa series too, add your reports about the Santa Rosa on this thread after to try this next 1.6 version

Re: Macbook Santa Rosa
March 04, 2008 04:47AM
Thx for you reply Thanatermesis!

there are serval issue that i never fixed with the Santa Rosa and linux in general.. Until then VMWare is a good solution for me. OSX is a great host system for virtualisation.

Even in VMware its faster than my previous computer! So far, getting Elive to slow down (even just a bit.. ) inside the VMware seem impossible.