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Macbook Pro desire...

Posted by gaou67 
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Macbook Pro desire...
January 13, 2008 05:22PM
Hello World...

Running on Elive since 0.42, and still satisfied, I'm planning to buy a new laptop, and it will probably be a Macbook Pro (last Gen)...
I've heard it was containing plainty of uncompatible hardware that makes it very hard to install a linux distro on it...
What about Elive ? Have smone allready tried to run it on such hardware ? Any plans about it ?

It would be really hard for me not to have my prefered distro !!!

Thx again Thanatermesis and all Elive dvpt crew ! clap
Re: Macbook Pro desire...
February 23, 2008 09:54PM
Just a little :up

is there a hope to see Elive work on Santa Rosa Macbook Pro... ?
Re: Macbook Pro desire...
March 04, 2008 05:04AM
Linux, E17 and Debian are big community project that Elive depend on. In general, intel chipset are alway well supported under linux.. so its only a question of time.

Right now, the power management is not really as good as it shoud be but its going to change with time.

The Broadcom Wifi will alway remain an issue basicly because that Broadcom corp are just evil as M$ are LOL

the new intel x1300 don't work well but you can expect great work colaboration from intel.

Ndiswrapper support for broadcom is good.. so give it a try.

The other problem that we currently have with linux and macbook santa rosa are somewhat fixable. So its just about have the patch/next driver include in the next distro release and detection tools updated to support them.

Mac are really popular, don't worry... its just a matter of time.
Re: Macbook Pro desire...
March 04, 2008 05:07AM
ohh, my bad... the MBP use a nvidia card that work well under linux. but you need to load a dirty driver in your kernel for correct 3d support.
Re: Macbook Pro desire...
January 25, 2009 08:50AM
so, gaou67 -its been a long time since your post about this subject, any luck.

i recently posted a new topic concerning the same -
i wish to boot elive on my 2.2ghz intel macbook pro

any help would be marvelous idea