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Install on disk - Triple Boot - MB 13.3 Black - old ver

Posted by shaice 
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Install on disk - Triple Boot - MB 13.3 Black - old ver
February 11, 2008 07:57PM
Hi all,
this is my first post. I tried elivecd: amazing! The hardware is recognized almost perfect!!

I want to install in a slice of my disc! Some time ago I installed BackTraq/WindowsXP/Mac OSX Tiger with rEFIt.

Now I have Mac OSX Leopard / WindowsXP. I used bootcamp (one slice of 5GB for the second one, all the rest for the first).

And then my questions: I have to reinstall rEFIt, don't I? Some tip to how partition my disk? Gparted? iPartition? How many space for elive? (I come from Slackware, RedHat, Debian, Ubuntu but I always give all my disc to Linux!)

I will use elive for: wardriving, games (I'm an addicted to neverball), netbeans with mobility pack to develop in J2ME.

My Windows install appears messed up (no keyboard nor touchpad control).. I think the problem was given by paralles+bootcamp. I messed up something and now I don't have the keyboard and touchpad (I have to try with usb external keyb and mouse).

Well, perhaps I can restore the Mac OSX in one big drive and then cut it in 3 pieces? (4 with swap?).

Does Elive recognize reiserfs correctly? I don't want to recompile the kernel (I'm extremely lazy), so if there are problems with reiserfs I could use ext3 (that AFAIK has a better support in MAC OSX).

I cannot get rid of WindowsXP (damn SPSS and their 16 version - worst ever made!).

Sorry for the long questions.

And uhm, I found an error (?) in kismet.conf: my airport is recognized correctly with madwifi g driver not madwifi a.

I took down ath1, destroy it and create another VAP in Monitor mode. No packets gathered, after the kismet.conf modify I can scan networks.

Just my two cents!

Thank you in advance for all the fish!

s clap

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