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Triple boot osx,elive,windows

Posted by philip741 
Triple boot osx,elive,windows
August 12, 2007 02:33PM
I had some trouble getting all these things to work so I figured I would put some notes here to help others.

Mostly I followed the steps from here:

After setting up all the partitions under osx.
Reboot run the partition tool from rEFIt
Answer yes to update the partition table.

Install elive to the linux partition you prepared.
In my case it was /dev/sda3
You should be able to reboot after install and see an option to boot linux in the rEFIt boot menu.

Some extra things after install:
I could not allow the tweak script to run it broke my install by modifying the initrd in some bad way.

How I setup wpa_supplicant due to my home wireless uses wpa.
Good links for this are:

Here is how I set mine:

Set wpa_supplicant.conf as follows:

ap_scan=2 was the one for me you may try 0 or 1 indstead of 2

Then do the following command to test it:
wpa_supplicant -d -c /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf -iath0 -Dmadwifi

You can replace the -d with a -B to run in daemon mode.

I didn't set it to autostart due to I use different encryption at work.

If you want to see the temp of your processors run --> coretemp
If you want to see the temp of your harddrive run --> hddtemp /dev/sda

Hopefully this has been abit helpful.

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Re: Triple boot osx,elive,windows
August 23, 2007 07:01AM
Its a MacBook computer ?

Do you are using the version of Elive for MacBooks ?
Re: Triple boot osx,elive,windows
August 24, 2007 02:21PM
Yes its a macbook with
coreduo 1.8ghz 1gb of ram
I used the elive for macbooks.
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