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error on boot: applesmc

Posted by wette 
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error on boot: applesmc
February 27, 2008 09:03AM

I'm new to this project, so i downloaded to live cd just at this time.

While booting the linux, it recognized, that the pc is a macbook (3.1 MB061) and inserts the applesmc module.
After doing this, alle the tty's are flodded with:
applesmc: wait time failed c != 8
and nothing else happens.

I am actually on my way setting up a debian unstable - the only anoying is, that the mouse movements are very jittery... the arrow moves as it is totaly drunken wink
But the applesmc module works fine.

But i cannot get rid of this touchpad bug..

Is this fixed within the kernel running in elive ?

And has someone solved the problem with applesmc?

Re: error on boot: applesmc
December 21, 2008 05:54AM
The applesmc flood has been fixed, and it works with the last dev versions.