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no boot after install

Posted by alban 
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no boot after install
March 09, 2008 01:57AM

I have a macbook that's been running on ubuntu for a while (no macOS). I am looking for something fresh and I am very interested in elive for macbook. The livecd works pretty well. What I want to try is a clean single boot install of elive. macOS uninstalled I can't do what is said at the beginning of the installer (partitioning and configuring boot loader from macOS). I guess that is why I can't boot on anything after installing (I only have 1 or 2 lines at the prompt, something about grub that can't load if I remember well). There was no special warning or message during install (simple install with a 10 Gb "/" partition, a separate "/home" and 2 Gb of swap).. Some help someone please? thanks

Re: no boot after install
March 09, 2008 03:03AM
I've seen this post that looks very similar : [forum.elivecd.org]

but I don't really understand some of the things said. and when I run the gptsync command I have an error saying that there is no gpt table on my disk.
Re: no boot after install
November 26, 2008 09:42AM
Please try the installer of new development version 1.9.18
Re: no boot after install
November 29, 2008 05:15PM
After installing the development version 1.9.18 it canĀ“t boot because only display the Ram Test and doesn't appear the elive.
I have installed elive over an existing Ubuntu 8.10 partition.