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Macbook Santa Rosa

Posted by Burnie 
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Macbook Santa Rosa
June 02, 2008 02:15PM
In a previous thread it was said that version 1.6 was supposed to support the Santa Rosa chipset, but with the latest development version (1.7.6) I still get the applesmc flood on my screen when I boot from the cd, it alternates between c!= 18 and c!= 8.
Will Elive ever work on my MacBook?
Re: Macbook Santa Rosa
July 11, 2008 05:45AM
Hi, I am new here but not new as linux enthusiastic. I had the bad idea to buy a macbook, without previously check for Linux compatibility. I am having a lot of problem due to the fact I have a Santa Rosa Macbook.
When I discovered that there was an Elive version for macbook,I was so happy. After I tried to run Elive, I had the same problem of Burnie. Is there someone want a new never used macbook????
Re: Macbook Santa Rosa
November 24, 2008 11:33PM
They fixed this! Latest dev version is awesome. All we need now is for Broadcom to provide us with a driver that works.

EDIT: Broadcom's STA driver for Linux works in combintion with a configured ndiswrapper!

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