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Macbook Experience So Far...

Posted by squidbass 
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Macbook Experience So Far...
August 16, 2007 03:35AM
so good....

FInally got everything installed (and I'm triple booting). There are still some things I need to get configured but I am not used to debian or Elive. They are:

* Bluetooth: Apple mighty mouse and bluetooth keyboard
* Howto get my external monitor working (works under Fedora 7)
* I've repeatedly tried apt-get update but it always fails downloading packages.gz or won't run at all (it thinks the update site has an IP of - I'm presuming that the servers get busy, so I'll keep trying.
* iSight firmware?

Any help gratefully appreciated!

Re: Macbook Experience So Far...
August 22, 2007 08:54PM
iSight works directly

Can you post your xorg.conf that you have used for make working the external monitor ?

Maybe i don't have understand you good but... what exactly you want/need to know ?