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2.2 ghz intel core2duo MBpro

Posted by uxepi 
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2.2 ghz intel core2duo MBpro
January 24, 2009 09:26AM
hello. i just joined the forum and am really excited about elive. so, here goes.
? - i dl'd the current macbook version of elive.
i'm running:
2.2ghz intel core 2 duo macbook pro
3gb ram

i want to boot into the elive cd iso i burned to disc.
simply looking for feedback to see if i should go ahead with this test.,i.e, will it fry my laptop or cause damage.

or should i use virtualization.

Re: 2.2 ghz intel core2duo MBpro
January 25, 2009 08:47AM
well. here goes.
i installed the latest rEfit.
and booted from the elive cd, macbook unstable version, on my 2.2 intel c2d macbook pro ((without using bootcamp))

and all was seemingly running.
tho, i am very inexperienced with linux.
man it was cool. having the option.

just don't know my way around it.
and not really sure what to do to customize it -
how to install say - Beryl, which rox.
any who.
just saying it worked as i thought
very cool and would love to go deeper into it

any suggestions

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