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Working fglrx dual screen configuration, with different resolutions

Posted by 3.14r 
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Working fglrx dual screen configuration, with different resolutions
February 16, 2009 04:33PM

- I use a macbookpro first generation (ATI graphic card)
- I have completely delete MacOSX: Elive is the only operating system of my computer. It is booted from the EFI apple Bios (with a long delay); EFI Bios -> timeout > Grub > Elive.
- I was used to connect my mac on many external displays : a 17" lcd screen at my job, a 22" wide screen at home, and I had from time to time to make presentations with different beamers. The ability to use the DVI port is thus very important for me. Moreover, I need to be able to set the resolution of the external device independantly of my laptop screen. I want to have a "clone" mode: same image on the two screens, but with adapted resolutions.

After many attempts, I had a running config to export my display, but with the Radeon driver (following the advices here). The use of xrandr seems promising to adapt dynamically to the different plug and unplug. But it seems to me that the image quality is poorer than with the proprietary fglrx driver.

Fglrx seems only partially compatible with xrandr, but the aticonfig tool seems to allow some configurations and dynamic settings. But after many tries and many X11 config screwed up, I have not managed to export my display correctly. The best that I have is a configured "clone" mode but with the same resolution on both screen (that is in fact the "mirror" mode in aticonfig language).

So, my question is : has someone a running config for dual-head display on macbookpro first generation, using fglrx, in any desktop configuration ?

One last note: I have notice lately that the Appel EFI Bios may not enable the 3D acceleration. Can this be a source of problem ? Is it possible to replace this uncollaborative bios, as it is suggested on the debian wiki ? What is the best choice with Elive ?

Thanks for reading and sorry about my poor english :-)