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Elive ready for Macbook 5,1 ?

Posted by gfern 
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Elive ready for Macbook 5,1 ?
March 19, 2009 02:23PM
Hello everyone!

This is my first post here. I just need to know: Is Elive ready for the 5th generation of Macbooks (the unibody aliminium ones)? I have a Macbook 5.1 and I'd like to try it out with Elive.

I'd really appreciate any info on this matter. Thanks!

Re: Elive ready for Macbook 5,1 ?
April 20, 2009 01:58AM
I would like to 2nd the request for any additional info re elive on the macbook 5,1. Has anyone tried this, live boot seems to work ok......only spent a few minutes poking around.

Thanx in advance