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MacBook Core 2 Duo White

Posted by MacTrappa 
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MacBook Core 2 Duo White
December 25, 2009 11:14AM
Hi, I'm new to the community and need help on how to configure the wifi card on my MacBook Core 2 Duo white, I installed the packages "aptitude" is madwifi, but the internet configurator tells me he has not found any device wireless network.

A greeting.

PS: I cheated, I'm from Spain and I do not speak English and I used a translator ;-)
Re: MacBook Core 2 Duo White
February 06, 2011 04:59PM
Greetings to Spain. I have MacBook core duo (Late 2006) & I'm running eLive form CD live. My wifi works out of the box.. I hope 2.0 eLive solves this problem for you, because your post is 1 year old and many things have changed since than. So Cervesa por favour && Live long and prosper :D