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elive 2.0 works except it doesn't pick up all hardware

Posted by mangolassi 
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elive 2.0 works except it doesn't pick up all hardware
April 09, 2010 02:25PM
hi guys.

i just spent $10 and bought that installer module to install elive 2.0 (new kernel and stable version) on my hard drive and i hope its worth every cent if i can get everything to work! now i have it running on my 13" 2.53ghz macbook pro mid 2009 and i've got everything to work except the sound, function keys on the keyboard and the trackpad doesn't respond properly.

* under volume control it detects an HDA NVidia (Alsa mixer) card but its not working. sound is not passing through the external speakers or headphone jack. but when i plug in an external sound card (creative xmod) and reboot the mac the sound passes through it perfectly.
low priority:

* the multi-touch trackpad doesn't respond properly and sometimes when i try to move it from the middle it scrolls and doesn't left and right click.

* the function keys and keyboard backlight are not working.

i'm bit of a noob with linux although i have been experimenting with it the past few years, so please keep it relatively simple.

if theres anyone who has had the same problem as me and got it to work, please tell!!!!!!